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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The BUCKWEEDS ! started out in 1996 as a total non-band.....meaning, we were all fed up with the bands we were playing in so we came together and just started playing some stuff without thinking anything more about it..... Records and gigs were the last thing we thought would happen. The first line up lasted until halfway '97.....We brought i a new drummer and singer .Then we bagan to receive some attention and decided to go for it and record some shit.....With that line-up we recorded 2 records and one 7". We lost our drummer earlier this year and we found a new one just weeks before starting the european tour.

Current line-up : Cunni Cox: Vocals, C.Q. Schwarz: Guitar, Manny Montana: Bass and "Sideburn" Bobby: Drums.


-"Ribbed for her pleasure" ('96) - Your Father is an Idiot Records (Belgium)
-"Cool songs to shag on" ('98) - Smokin' Troll Records (UK))
-"Don't worry it's only Punk-Rock" ('99) - Smokin'Troll Records)
-"Lame Ass world" ('98) Lame Ass Records (Compilation) (Canada))
-"Between the covers with The BUCKWEEDS" ('99) - 7" Smoking Troll Records)
- "Death to False Metal" ('99) Probe Records (Compiltaion) (USA)

What are the main themes in the lyrics? ?

Manny-Well, some people who don't know us and generally don't have a sense of humor will think that we're sexist, male-chauvinistic pigs because most of our songs are about se.....in the most obvious and simplistic way.....and why not, huh ! It's just a fun thing you know, we don't mean to offend anyone ! Although some people are.....but we're not in this to change the world.....there are far better bands than ours who are attempting that. (And don't they all fail miserably ?). But we have songs about serial-killers, bombers, Kiddie super-heroes, family values..... anything not cool.....

CQ - basically anything sex or un-PC. Lately I guess our stuff gets more angry since a lot of kids and bands around our place start to get really annoyed with us and that's is just we need.....

On your recent international tour, what was your favourite and worst countries to do gigs and why?

Manny-Generally everywhere we went it was pretty much ok with only one place that really sucked somewhere in Germany where the organisers were just a bunch of beer-swilling drunks who can't appreciate the fact that you just drove 500 miles in a day to play at their club and then give you a fuckin' attitude afterwards. But the best places are definitely in Southern France and Spain. Wild crowds, good food and drinks, friendly locals, a real relaxed athmosphere.

CQ : I didn't like the UK that much..... It rained, the scene is totally different and our label didn't do shit to promote us. But Germany really beat everything, guess they wanted some revenge for losing the war, hahaha !

What is the situation like between punks and skins in Belgium?

Manny- Don't know, don't care.

CQ - Punks suck and skins look like cancerpatients. We are here to kill the punks for rock'n'roll.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

Manny- "Waterloo" Abba

CQ - probably some Rubettes or Mud single

What was the last band you went to see, and were they any good?

Manny - The Donnas in Antwerp (Belgium). They rocked !!!

CQ - I saw Zeke in Tokyo a few weeks ago and they rocked. After the gig we hung out together. Animals on stage, but really nice guys afterwards.

What is punk?

Manny-That's like a question where you can discuss it until you drop dead. Personally i think Punk is a state of mind and a way of life, an attitude and a way of perceiving things that happen around you..... A lot of Punks think you have to wear old used clothes, have a ton of piercings, tattoos, drink all of the time, live in a squat etc...... We're not any of that and if that doesn't make me a punk.....then i'm not a punk.....so what ! But punk has become such a broad thing that nowadays you can meet a guy in a 3-piece suit and he'll be the coolest punk you've ever met.....

CQ - what is punk ? dead !......

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

Manny-Hmm, i guess you mean 2000 ? Well, we plan release at least 2 records next year. We're doing another european tour with The HUNTINGTONS (USA). We'll play on a couple of "Holidays in the Sun" festivals and we definitely wanna return to japan for another tour there.

Any final comments?

Manny-We'd like to thank you for giving us a bit of space in your 'zine. And we hope 2000 will be at least as great as '99 was for us.....

CQ - come and see us and if you dare..... tell us we suck and see what happens ! Oh yeah and Rebecca rules..... Hey baby if you wanna..... well ya know !