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B Squadron Interview


You have an album coming out in the new year. What can people expect by it.

It's been a long time coming ha ha. You can expect no nonsense tracks that tell it like it is. Hopefully people will hear echoes of the original early 80's sound. Raw, gritty and aggressive.

What goes into the lyric and music writing? And where does inspiration come from?

Lyrics come from everyday life. There's no bollocks in our writing. It all comes from personal experience. I'll jot little lines down whenever and wherever the inspiration hits me, then we build a track around them. It's a real collective process, all of us has an input, riffs, bass runs, drum beats, lyrics etc. If one is out we are all out, it's gotta be 100% from all of us or it's not happening.

Did you consider going on a UK record label and what is the story of having to get some of your other merchandise from abroad?

Rebellion records ( Holland) approached us before we'd even recorded anything, I think the lads from Last Crusade ( R.I.P ) may have had something to do with that. Wouter ( head honcho at Rebellion records ) showed faith in us and has stuck by us. We are all old school lads and loyalty means a lot, it's only right we repay that loyalty. Yeah there's been a few people in various countries wanting to do B SQUADRON t shirts etc, they ask us, we look at it and either say yes or no. As long as we get a freebie each the answer is usually yes. The only official merch will come from Rebellion or from us directly,we don't do shitty rip off merch, as in tissue paper thin t shirts etc, we have a good lad, Jay, who sorts it all out for us, design, print, orders, payment, postage etc. We are all much too lazy to do any of that ourselves ha ha. As for British labels, we haven't heard a peep from anyone. Like i said though, we are a loyal bunch and we are all happy with Rebellion records.

You went down really well at Rebellion Festival. Is that your biggest gig to date? How did your choice of covers go down?

We fucking loved playing Blackpool. I'm not gonna lie, we were all shitting it when we saw the size of the crowd but it was the biggest buzz and we gave it our all. The festival gets stick from some, calling it a cash cow and bands get labelled as 'sell outs' for playing. Let's have it right, it's the biggest fucking punk festival in the world and we were/are proud to be involved. As for the sell out bit, no cunt has levelled that at us, at least not to our faces. Size wise its definitely the biggest gig we've played. I must mention PSK here aswell though, great festival run by great people. Scandinavia is where it's at, we love the place and the people. Anglo Saxons and Vikings together ha ha. The covers we do are there simply as they are from bands that have a huge influence on us. Ooh you can't play a combat 84 track, bollocks, we play what we fucking like ha ha. Deptford John himself gave us permission to do 'rapist' so I hope we do it the justice it deserves, and everyone loves 'evil' don't they? 4 skins innit, enough said. We give 100% at all our gigs, be that a packed out rebellion or 2 men and a dog in a working men's club. .

What other bands have members played in over the years? And was it the same instrument etc as you now play?  

Max used to play bass in indie lad rockers 'the tennysons' much loved and missed in Leicester. Kev has played guitar in loads of bands over the years, at this moment he plays for us and Leicester's finest punk rock covers band 'the regenerators'. I used to play guitar in UK82 hardcore punk outfit 'the nags' although I've always harboured thoughts of fronting my own Oi band since I was a kid and I saw the Clockwork Soldiers play. I think daz played the triangle in the Whitwick colliery band ha ha.  

Has been being a little outspoken caused any problems with other bands, or individuals? If so, how was it dealt with?

Are we outspoken? I just think we say it as it is, no bollocks. We've not really had any agg with other bands, I like to think we all get on and are working towards the same goals. Of course we've had the usual shitbag weasel keyboard cunts calling us all sorts, Nazis, thugs etc etc. Certain members of this band were/are involved in a nice bit of football violence, we don't deny it, we make no apology for it, so the 'thug' bit is water off a duck's back. I just hope my Jewish Mrs doesn't find out I'm a raging Nazi. Fucking ridiculous. Hello 'Oggy' from Bridgewater, you still owe us an explanation and an apology you fucking plum. Deal with it? We laugh at it to be honest, when the cunts have got the bottle to come and say it face to face, that's the time to deal with it. And deal with it we will.

What bands have been the biggest influence on B Squadron and what band would you most like to support?

Without a doubt our biggest influence is the Cockney Rejects. The originals. The guvnors. Very good pals of ours. Other massive influences are Combat 84, 4 skins, Blitz, Last Resort. We are lucky enough to be supporting the rejects and the resort next year. I wish Hoxton Tom would get the 4 skins back together though.

What is the biggest help in the scene and what is the biggest hinderance?

The biggest help is good folk like yourself, pushing bands and promoting good honest music. Must mention the lads at the Church of Oi group aswell, they've done a lot for us behind the scenes, as has mick Fletcher at the just some punk songs blog. And of course the promoters and people that turn out to gigs, buy the music etc, without them there'd be no scene. On a personal note I'd like to say thanks to Watford John, been behind us since day one, steve Mohican jack and John smythe in Belfast,both staunch supporters. All the mongoose patrol that follow us in big numbers wherever we play, you mean more than you'll ever know. Hindrance? This'll be the stock interview answer of ' all them crybaby finger pointing wankers that think it's clever to try and ruin bands'. You're day will come you fucking slags.

Please let us know 5 little known facts about the band/band members?

Kev is the only member of the band that likes rugby. A strange sport with a strange shaped ball ha ha. Daz was a coal miner and has also worked in a slaughterhouse. ( fuck that ). I am a huge boxing fan although I was a shit boxer. I had to retire with bad hands. The ref kept standing on em! Max bit his own finger off in a fit of rage when he missed out on tickets to see The Spice Girls as a kid. Next time you're at a gig have a close look at his right hand. Not such a little known fact, we are all staunch Leicester City FC fans.

Final comments please?

Just a big thanks to Punk & Oi in the UK for showing an interest. Good to see you back doing what you do best. A hello to all of our families, big mart Roscoe, jay merch, PM tours ( troop transport ) and the mongoose patrol. Sons of Tigers out on rebellion records January 2018, get involved. Cheers. Football, Boxing, Oi Oi music!! B SQUADRON. Nov '17.  

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