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10/02/2003 (interview with Steve, Chris, Daniel and Lance)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Steve: Current and original line up is Daniel J. Travanti on guitar, Steve E. Nix also guitar, Chris Brief drums, Lance Romance plays bass. We all sing. We've been a band for around three years. We became an actual band when we got an opportunity to play a party. We had three songs. Then we wrote two more and got a show at a club...made a 7", borrowed a van and did a series of shows down the west coast. Thats pretty much the story of the Briefs...try to write a couple more songs, record em, travel to peoples neighborhoods to play.....Now we've seen all kinds of places, and trust us, the end of the world really is almost here. No more world....Oi!

Chris: to sum it all up, we were bored with the music in Seattle, we started a band, we shared
our deep dark secrets with each other and now...well..Lance is pregnant.


DAniel: our 1st single was Poor and Weird b/w Rotten Love. That in itself was more than we ever thought we would do. But somehow from there we did a full length for Dirtnap -"Hit After Hit". Then a split 45 w/the Spits, next after that was the "C'mon Squash Me Like A Bug" 7" on Sub Pop, a couple other 7"s on Dirtnap: "She's Abrasive" and "LOve and Ulcers", then recently we released 3 additional singles: "This Age" in the U.K., and for Germany we did "Looking Through Gary Glitters Eyes" and "Aint it the Truth" which was a split with the Distraction...I think thats the whole lot...I guess theres maybe some comp stuff too..... and next we have a new 11 song/22 minute record coming out in March on Dirtnap called "Off The Charts".

Do you do any covers in your set? If so, what and why? Who would you like to cover your tracks?

Daniel: we've tried alot of stuff, Kinks, Weirdos, Replacements, Tubeway Army...I seem to remeber we tried a Don Ho song once....

Steve:....sometimes we do Frantic Romantic by the Scientists, Private Affair by The Saints, Dead In The Suburbs by Los Reactors....As for covering us, I would only want to hear 13 year olds covering our songs.

Lance: I would love to hear Pat Boone covering a Briefs song.

What is the best gig Briefs have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

LAnce: New Orleans on Halloween in 2001 was a blast, we dressed up like cops and threw out donuts to the crowd, they showed their love by promptly throwing them back. It was a mess but we had a great time.

Daniel: and then there was Germany....Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf..... Germany is PUNK!

Steve: Best for me was a show we did at a skate park here in Seattle. We opened for the Adolescents and that made me happier that just about anything.

If you could take a vocalist, guitarist's), bassist and drummer from different bands to make your perfect band who would you choose (can be deceased)?

Steve: Take Eric Clapton on guitar, the singer from Slipknot, the bass player from Built To Spill and the drummer from Molly Hatchet. That would be a great band because they would play in some giant stadium. You could set it on fire and watch them and their respective audiences burn into the night!.

You have recently toured Europe, how did you find the audience differed and where is your favourite place to play?

Lance: Well they spoke a different language, they love to throw beer at a band they like.....and they all clap in double time...threw our drummer off a bit......

Steve: European audiences are totally great.... I think there are alot more traditional punks in Europe who seem to get what we are doing, as opposed to the States, which can be great...but we've got alot of these guys wearing studded leather belts but listening to terrible whiney indie/emo crap.

Daniel: Supposedly we're coming back in May.

If the Briefs were a type of alcohol, what drink would they be and why?

Steve: Rubbing alchohol, straight.

Chris: or maybe a fuzzy navel. I don't need to explain that one do I?

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Chris:Great! Lots of good bands and venues. Come check it out sometime. You can stay at Steves house.

Steve: The punk scene is very good. Small, but alot of really good creative bands, some of them arty, but tough sounding. Bands are interested in having their own character and sound. I think it's kind of a response to all that homagenized Blink182 sounding stuff. People are taking punk back and taking it to the starting point. As far as Oi goes, there aren't alot of shows, but when a good oi band comes through town alot lot of people come out of the woodwork for them. I saw the Templars recently and it was a really good/fun show!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

Chris: Off the charts 12" record and CD, tour US and U.K./Europe, learn to ride a bike(finally), and maybe call my mom.

DAniel: ...pretty much just the basic stuff....music, tour, bike, mom...thats all we need...

Any final comments?

Chris: Don't drink absinth, even if it's free.

DAniel: I second that....

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