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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Boredom was formed in the summer of 1995 by a group of mates who where "bored" of the current music scene & decided to have one last go at making some noise. The original band consisted of Fouldzie {bass}, Ian { guitar}, Ste Clark {guitar} & Dani {vocals}. Sadly due to bieng unable to secure a regular drummer the band never played live, before long   Fouldzie became disillusioned & left. Over the next 18 months the band had several changes in line up & played several well received local gigs before settling on its current line up.......  


The decision to switch Stevie to bass & install Ersy as drummer paid dividends for the band & we quickly gained a large local following. Early in 1998 we recorded our first demo & a copy was sent to Abstract records who were so impressed they offered us a deal. Due mainly to a lack of promotion by the record company the single failed commercialy, which resulted in Boredom & Abstract parting company. Coupled to this we had internal problems with our management company which were only resolved by both parties again parting company. In the back end of `99 we played several London gigs the most notable being support to Menace The Dublin Castle,Camden. The setbacks we have had have only served to toughen our resolve to get out to as many venues as possible & stick two big fingers up at any one who doubted us. We are currently rehearsing new material & hope to be playing live again by late march this year. A new EP to be released on our own label is planned for later in the year.


Available on Abstract Sounds  ABS CD 114

Has any member played in other bands ?

All four of us have been in bands in the Blackburn area since the early  eighties.As with most local bands our paths have often overlapped, for  example Ians first band was a band called Warcry which i also played in.  He then left to join the Ice men with Fouldzie & then when they split up they joined A big red bus with Dani on vocals , then Ian was replaced by Ste Clark on guitar.  Our early efforts never made it far beyond East Lanc's apart from  Potential Threat who i drummed for, we released a couple of albums  & toured the country several times.  Before forming Boredom none of us have been involved in the music scene since the early nineties.

Describe your sound.

IAN: I once heard it described as a cross between Blondie & The Sex Pistols, although i wasn't entireley flattered by this i could see the point they were making. Our roots lie in the late seventies punk era but we dont try to emulate any one style as we've followed punk from then right up to present day so we've picked up bits all the way through.

Where were you in 1977 ?

DANI:   The most lasting memory of '77 was probably going to Manchester with my mate John. Whilst we where there we bought our first pair of bondage pants.  We put them on in the shop & wandered round Manchester thinking we were the hardest two 11 year old punks in England. When it was time to go home we changed into our normal clothes 'cause we wouldn't dare be seen walking round Blackburn like that.

What was the last band you went to see live ?

DANI: Joe Strummer at Glasgow Barrowlands. Allthough he lost the raw energy of the  Clash days he still has that certain quality that only the greats have, great set of his new stuf & Clash classics.

ERSY: The Buzzcocks in Blackburn last year,loud & liveley just as you want.

Favourite song of each band member

DANI: White man in Hammersmith Palais by The Clash. It was the first song i remember actually wanting to know what they were singing about.

ERSY:  Emotional Blackmail by U.K. SUBS

STE:   Anything by Killing Joke

IAN: At the moment Loose The Baggage by Boredom which is the latest thing we're working on.

Take a guitarist, vocalist etc.

DANI:     Mick Jones from B.A.D, Joe Strummer from Mescaleroes,

ERSY:     Yeah Dani, we get the picture! 

Any final comments?

A big thanx to everyone who'se supported us in the past & anyone who does so in the future. We are looking for places to play at the moment, so if anyone can help please get in touch.

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