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Beatsteaks Interview

(interviewed by Gareth Postans)

What's the story behind the Beatsteaks?

5 guys making music as a hobby and that, evidentially, turned into a profession.

From being on Epitaph to now being with Warner - how do you feel this has affected the bands attitude, sound and approach to songwriting?

It hasn’t. When we make music, we are busy making music, not thinking about witch label we are on.

As far as recording and touring - which do you prefer and why?

Both have their advantages and downsides to them but playing live is hard to beat and it also is the reason why we are existing as a band. So, I think touring wins. 

In terms of recording - how does being on indie compare to being on a major label? Do you have less/more creative control or is it the same?

We never had any creative control while we were making music, which we really enjoyed.

Looking through your musical catalogue, which particular songs/albums are your favourites? Are there any particular tunes you won't play live or perhaps you regret doing? 

There is really nothing we regret, I assume. Even the bad songs, which you need to write in order to write good ones, are necessary.
We try to avoid playing bad songs live and go for the better ones because the people seem to appreciate them more. I don’t have a permanent favorite song, it changes and evolves within a tour infront of people.

A bit political - but how do you perceive this whole Brexit thing from a German perspective? Do you think this will lead to touring issues in the future e.g. UK bands in Germany and you guys playing over here?

I don’t think this will effect the music scene. Only in a good way maybe, by making people team up and realizing there mutual misery.

How did the Beatsteaks get into punk? Any particular offshoot of punk you enjoy? Anything really non punk that you listen to?

In my school time, I was a huge Toy Dolls fan, made my own „Punks not dead“ shirts and was really into the whole thing. Being different than the rest was crucial. The Clash, Sex Pistols, Exploited and so on. Later also Green Day, All, Descendents and others but newer „Punk“ doesn’t do it for me so much anymore. You can’t implant a feeling. Back then, it was real, or at least I felt it was for me. With all respect, now I like to listen to other stuff, looking for a similar feeling. Haven’t found it jet.

In terms of new bands you've witnessed (either local or perhaps bands you've toured with) - who do you recommend?

We recently played with the „Decibelles“. I really like them.

What does the future hold for The Beatsteaks?

If I only knew. We are trying to make music that we like and hope that someone out there is interested and maybe even interested enough to pay for a concert of ours. If nobody gets ill or we start hating each other, we could do this for quite a while, which would be my favorite plan.

Any final words of wisdom?


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