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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

It actually started of as a solo project. Under the influence of oi and rock n’ roll I once began to write my own material on the acoustic guitar. Together with Wouter (Razorblade/Rebellion Records) we even formed a band called The Hammers. A stable line up was unfortunately never found so after a little while we called it a day. Refusing to give up Wouter and I started a band called Lynch Boys. With this band we chose to play more rockabilly orientated music, covering Johnny Cash and such. This band also had a short life. In the meanwhile I wrote myself enough songs to fill a complete album. When Wouter decided to start a music label he immediately approached me to record an album. Together with a few guest musicians we went into the studio to record “False Gestures”. After the album was released I had to search for new bandmembers. First I came in touch with Niels Venrooy from the band Offside. He was willing to join the band and approached Eef Hendriks (one of the guitarists from Offside) to play the guitar in Badlands. Niels also found us a new drummer called Sander v/d Hoogen, who used to play drums in a band called Cavehead Violence. With this line up we’ve recorded three songs for the compilation album “Brabantia Nostra” and a second full-length.


“False Gestures” – debut album

“Brabantia Nostra” – compilation album with 3 previously unreleased tracks

“Hands of Time” – second full length album (LP version by Bandworm Records)

Coming out soon!
The LP version of “False Gestures” with 2 live bonus tracks! (True Force Records)

“The Killing Kind” – brand new album we’re currently working on!

Your sound is different to most stuff out there – how would you describe your sound to people who have not heard you and what bands have influenced the sound?

Our music can be described as melodic but raw at the same time with a clear melodic voice. Most of our songs consist out of a few chords only. We choose to keep the music simple but also catchy. We draw influences in our songs from bands like Cock Sparrer, 4-Skins…etc

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

We all have played in other bands before. Starting off with our drummer Sander. He has played for quite some years in Cavehead Violence, a real fast and aggressive punk band. Bass player Niels and guitarist Eef have played together in Offside. With this band they already have released an album called “The Kick Off”. After a short break the band is now back together again! Like I said before I used to play in bands called The Hammers and Lynch Boys. It never became serious though.

I read that you are in the studio again – do you prefer the studio or live work best? Please explain the reason.

At the moment we’re not working in the studio, but we’re busy rehearsing for the third full length. It shall be released somewhere in 2004. In the near future we’ll pay a visit to the studio. Hopefully it won’t take too much time to record all tracks, because days in the studio can be long and tiring. Although you can pay a lot of attention to the songs during a recording session, it remains impossible to capture the energy of a live performance.

What track of the forthcoming release would you particularly recommend and what is it about?

I would recommend the song “Violence v/s Violence”, because musically it’s harder than anything else that we’ve ever recorded. The song is about the everlasting problem of bastard scum on our streets. Unfortunately their numbers are still increasing, and their terror is getting more serious each day. We’re sick of them intimidating innocent people, we’re sick of them robbing our stores, we’re sick of them murdering around, we’re sick of them raping innocent women, we’re sick of them forming gangs, we’re sick of them threatening our society and we fucking hate them!! And this number is about all this and about the fact it’s necessary for us to unite against this criminal trash, and to use Violence against THEIR VIOLENCE!!

Where does the name Badlands come from?

When I was asked to record an album for Rebellion Records I had to invent a name for the band. I read the word Badlands somewhere and thought it was a suitable name.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

In the south of the Netherlands we have some great bands around. Knockdown released a great streetpunk record titled “The game is ours” and so did Southern Way with their mixture between punk, rock n’ roll & psychobilly. Of course 100% pure oi bands like Razorblade, Offside and Get Out are going strong!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003/04.

We’ll be playing in skinheadpub The Kastelijn (Brugge/Belgium) on the 10th of January 2004. Like I said before we’re also busy rehearsing for the next full-length album. There aren’t any further plans at the moment.

Any final comments?

Thanks a lot for the interview! For gigs, bookings, merchandise, records and info about the bands on Rebellion Records, visit www.rebellionrecords.nl

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