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The Arrogants

How long have you all known each other and what made you decide to form a band?

Well, we've been hangin'out for years, we all played in other bands and everything was fine. But one day we had nothing to do, and a lot to say...we just plugged our instruments and played some 4skins / Infa Riot covers...then we found some good riffs, I wrote some lyrics and that's it!

The Arrogants was born!...we felt quite a lack of that old funny rude old school english sound...and we tried to bring it back...and that's what we still do!nothing less, nothing more! ;)

Tell people about your latest tracks, and what other releases have you had out?

Well, those tracks you heard will be used for our new (and first full lenght cd) album "HANGOVER PHILOSOPHY - 15 tales from the pub". It will be out before the end of Sept and our label will still be the Barracuda records (www.barracudarecords.it). Here are some titles.. "Fat Girls", "Queer Bashing", "Social Disease", "Boring", "cannibal Cafe", "Hangover Philosophy".....

We released a maxi single in Jan ("Here comes the Arrogants") 4 tracks on yellow and blue wax and we appeared in the french comp "Oi! what a wonderful world vol.II". Hopefully soon will be out "Anthemic Oi! Core" (Black Out rds)...we are also on it with "kick kick kick".

How would you describe the bands sound? And what are the main themes to the lyrics?

We always tried to bring back the old school sound from the 80's, when punk music was simply punk music, and there weren't too many labels. That's it! What you puke is what you get. We love that sharp, fast and singalong sound from bands such as Blitz, Exploited, Last Resort, Business, Condemned, Adicts, Combat 84 and so on... and personally I love the first punk rock from the 70s.

Main themes to our lyrics? Well, we come from the backstreets, we don't really give a fuck about........, we just want to have fun...in our way! We like pubs, we like sex, we like brawls, some of us like old gore movies, we hate hippies and those useless ariarikrishnakrishnakrishnakrishnaari scum hahahaha..and that's what we sing about!

What has been your best gig, and who else was on the line-up?

We didn't play that much here in Italy, you know, there's not a great streetpunk scene here but we've been lucky playing our best gig in Milan with the Jinx and ADL122. It's been great, believe me!

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

R. Sick Boy : "No Government" (Anti-Pasti)
il Macellaio : "The Boots go Marching In" (Condemned 84)
Frank : "Drinking and Driving" (the Business)
Deny : "For whom the bell tolls" (Metallica)
Maniac : "One law for them" (4Skins)


What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Well...There's too much politics and not much attitude here in Italy...Too many troubles and too many chatters...

But we have our crew, skinheads, punks, psychobillies and some good gigs and fresh beer...what else could we ask for? (well yes...I ask everyday for a single ticket to London...but that's just another story..)

What bands would you recommend checking out?

Well, I strongly recommend the Jackoffs, they're from London and they're totally mad! Then...well..my favourite punk band...they're back..and they still are great like in 77..the Pork Dukes! Weird Sex and sharp riffs...the top! Cheers

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