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Argy Bargy
20/06/2004 -(inerview with Watford Jon) 2nd Interview

So what has happened with the band since I last interviewed you 4 years ago?

Well, we've had a couple of line up changes and released a couple of albums. Firstly Lawrence, our old bass player left and Herve from Deadline stepped in to help us out for a year or so. He left to focus on DL full time and his shoes were filled by Dalb who does a great job. At the end of last year Dustin (drums) left because he didn't like doing it and he doesn't like me. Dave Thompson, ex of Lowlife UK is now our drummer and myself and Daryl feel that this is without doubt the best and strongest line up Argy Bargy have ever had.

What changes have you also seen in the scene over that period? And is getting easier or harder to get UK gigs?

I think there have been quite a few changes within the scene as a whole. Some bands that were just starting out a few years ago have gone on to bigger things. I think it's probably easier to get gigs now because people are prepared to take the risk. Before people may not have been prepared to risk losing money by putting a gig on but now I think most realise that if it's done well there'll always be a good turnout.

Your split release with Discipline has just come out - how is it being received and what is your favourite track on there by each band?

We couldn't have hoped for a better response to be honest. It's the fastest selling album ever released on Captain Oi! and it sold out in three days. It's now sold out again and is being repressed as we speak. My favourite Discipline track is probably "Hell Is For Heroes" and "What Give's You The Right?" is my favourite AB song on there. I've only seen one bad review and that was from some mug that clearly hadn't even played it. He based his whole review on the cover and the name of the CD! The other reviews I've seen are all extremely positive.

How did the split release come about in the first place and if you could do another split release with any other band ever, who would you choose and why?

Well Discipline are very good mates of ours and have been for years. We'd often talked about doing something together but never got round to it. Finally this year we all went into the studio and it got released a couple of months back. Roger Miret from Agnostic Front asked us if we would do a split single with them, which was a huge honour for us. Hopefully we'll do that later this year.

What is the strangest thing that has inspired your lyrics?

I don't think anything really strange has inspired us. We really just write about day to day life. I know that sounds a bit of a cliche but it's true. We just sing about what happens in the world.


Tell the readers three facts about the band / band members they will not know

Right, 3 things about each of us:

1. I nearly died when I was 13 after I got impaled on a metal spike.
2. I own a multi coloured 12" version of "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC and it is the only one in the world.
3. My mate took Geri Halliwells virginity.

1. Once did a gig in his dressing gown
2. He is a qualified sound therapist
3. Used to be obese now just very fat

1. He's a shareholder of Bramley Rugby League Club.
2. He is learning Tae Kwon Do.
3. He used to drink bitter but it gives him heartburn

1. He comes from a long line of Cockney fishmongers.
2. His surname is Norwegian.
3. He once played a gig with a toilet seat round his neck.

What is the best gig Argy Bargy have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

We've just played in Finland and it was absolutely amazing. There were a few bands on; The Rejected, The Hoist, Anal Thunder and The Heartburns. Everyone was going mad and we were treated like royalty. It was a great night and we can't wait to go back there.

What tip would you pass to bands just starting out?

Be dedicated. You can't do it unless you're dedicated and focussed on what you're doing. Don't let bad reviews get you down because not everyone is going to like your music! Be prepared for long boring, uncomfortable journeys when you're on tour and most of all enjoy it. Once the enjoyment goes you may as well forget about it.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

Next month it's Wasted. On July 21st we support our heroes, Rose Tattoo, at the Underworld in Camden and on the 31st July we pla with Beerzone in Burgess Hill. In August we go to the Czech Republic for Anti Fest. From September 16 - 19th we're on tour with Discipline in Germany. After that we'll be writing and recording our track for the AF split. Next year we'll be gigging and writing as much as possible.

Any final comments?

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and stood by us over the years, bought our records and worn our T shirts. Thanks to all the promoters and reviewers that have looked after us and thanks to you, Rebecca for the interview.

Cheers - Watford Jon, Argy Bargy.

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