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Argy Bargy
10/08/2000 (interview with Watford Jon)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

I formed the band in 1990 along with Dustin who I used to work with. The original line up was quite shortlived, we only did 2 gigs. I then asked Daryl to help out on Guitar and Dustin asked his mate Mark to play Bass. That line up played Brixton Academy and a couple of other gigs until Mark left. We got Lol Proctor in on Bass and this is the current line up: Jon-Vocals, Dustin-Drums, Lol-Bass and Daryl-Guitar.


We have tracks on: Oi! The New Breed vol 1+2, Oi! The Next Generation, Box Or Be Boxed, Trouble On The Terraces, This Is Punk This Is Oi!, Oi! The Video vol 1+2. We have our debut album called Drink Drugs & Football Thugs and we are doing a split single with Beerzone soon. We are also in the middle of writing a new album.

Have you toured abroad, if so, what was the reaction like and how did the audience differ to UK audiences?

We have played several gigs abroad and we have a lot of mates over there. The reaction has always been excellent. Everyone sings along and has a good knees up. I think the reaction is a bit different over here, maybe a bit more reserved. I don't know why, maybe it's because we're all old bastards that can't take the pace anymore!

What is your favourite compilation album Argy Bargy have appeared on?

I'm proud of all the compilations we've been on. Oi! The New Breed was the first thing we had released so I'm very fond of that one. I was well pleased when we did the videos as well.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

I've asked the lads about this and it's one of those impossible to answer questions! However we're always happy listening to anything by: Rose Tattoo, Cock Sparrer, Heavy Metal Kids, 4-Skins, The Business, AC/DC, Slaughter & The Dogs, 2-Tone, Trojan, Northern Soul, Motorhead etc. Daryl and Lol like New Model Army but as you can see it's quite a varied selection.

Do you prefer watching, or playing gigs? Why?

I prefer playing gigs because when I'm watching other bands I always want to get up there and have a go myself. That said you can't beat watching Sparrer /Business/ Slaughter live can you?

Do all the band members do other jobs as well as being in the band? If so, what?

I work at Captain Oi! Records, Dustin works for a record distributer, Daryl is self unemployed and Lol does a bit of this and that.

Do you think street music will rise again?

Street music has already risen again. It's bigger now than it's ever been. There are Oi!, Punk and Ska bands from Malaysia to Iceland. The UKHC scene is as good as it is anywhere in the world and there are so many bands and labels in the States that you're spoilt for choice. If people can't enjoy street music nowadays then they never will.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

We are playing with Slapshot in November, Holidays In The Smoke in November, The Gillingham Ska/Punk Charity all dayer in October and we are hoping to sort out some more gigs in Europe and America and across the UK. We are also doing a new album and a split single with Beerzone.

Any final comments?

Thanks very much to you, Rebecca, for the interview and thanks to everyone who buys our releases and comes to our gigs and has a jolly up. Bands like Argy Bargy can't exist without the punters and fanzines that keep the scene alive. You are us and we are you.

Watford Jon

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