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Apocalypse Babys
06/11/01 (interview with Asterix)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Apocalypse Babys played their fist gig in 91, the original line up was Asterix - vocals/bass, Mr Reed - guitar & Kelly - drums. We gigged for about two years adding and taking away another couple of guitarists Stu and KD. We recorded and released our 1st record. the 'Dance till you drop' e.p ourselves, which to our suprise got the thumbs up in the N.M.E. Steven Wells rang us up asking what we planned to do to change the world, we told him we'd think it over in the pub! they thought we were some 'NWONW' thing, we used to get in all these Manic St Preachers zines that were doing the rounds but we were fuck all to do with that, it made us laugh though. Anyhow we relaunched the band in 94 with the Hippy on guitar and Dutch on bass, this line up lasted another couple of years, we recorded our first and 2nd albums for Smokin Troll records and then Kelly quit in 96 to go to university, Daz 'Chelsea' Clay joined for about a year and a half. He recorded the 'Local Heroes' e.p with us before
he and Dutch quit. Kelly returned and we recorded our 3rd album 'WDYTOISF'. In 1999 Asterix put together yet another line up of the band with John 'Heavy Metal' Slater on guitar and Rob 'Love the perm' Kershaw on drums, this line up recorded the 'Full Metal Racket' e.p before John left to join ex Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bailey's new band! 2001 saw the return of the Hippy and Dutch and new drummer Andy 'the kid' Tyler, the band celebrated ten years at a home town gig in Mansfield, after which Andy decided the snarl and spit world of punk rock was not for him (who did he think he was joining, Steps for fuck sake?) and the Hippy announced he was definitely retiring for good this time. at present the Apocalypse babys are auditioning members, hopefully we can get back out here a.s.a.p., here's to another 10


Dance till you drop e.p 93
Shootin from the hip e.p 95
3 Chords to heaven album 95
Whoops Apocalypse Babys album 96
Local heroes e.p 97
I don't wanna be a nazi 7" 98
WDYTOISF album 98
Nuclear rain 7" 99
Viva le Rock 'n' Roll album 2001
Full Metal Racket e.p 2001

Describe your sound and the main themes to your lyrics.

Well the best description as far as I can remember was when Dutch took a tape of us to work and this old fella heard it and said 'fuck me, what's that racket, sounds like someone building a shed'!.which I think is brilliant! Most critics mention the likes of the Ramones, Clash, SLF, UK Subs when reviewing our records which is a compliment. The songs are about whatever's on my mind at the time, could be sexual matters, political issues, whatever? we don't conform to the punk police's rules about how every song should be an angry protest, even punks fall in love don't they? oh yeah, we sing songs about cowboys too?!!!

What is the highlight and what is the lowest point in the bands history?

Unfortunately for this band there has been too many low points, far out weighing the highlights! A catalogue of missed opportunity like having to pull our trip to the US coz our twat of a guitarist wouldn't pay for his own airfare! having to cancel a tour in Germany coz our drummer decides to have a mental breakdown! although we did manage to play France a few years back which was a real laugh, the audience in Paris was really up for it. Releasing a new record is always a highlight too, we're very proud of what we've put out and it's nice when people say they like your album. Playing HITS for the first time this year was also another highlight, it was nice to see so many check us out, great weekend, punk rock, I love it!

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Well Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy's, Thin Lizzy all come close but I'd have to say the Ramones. I saw em about 8-9 times and it was always the most exiting time for me. They were like a fucking machine, stood there, leather jacket, ripped jeans, guitars slung low, blasting out these heavenly tunes, cool as fuck! Sad day when Joey died.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Well there are loads of kids with Offspring/Green Day T shirts, but they've only heard the successful commercial bands, when an old school Punk/Oi band plays locally at the Vic, Derby, it's usually the same thirty something's in there, the younger 'Pop Punk' crowd aren't interested coz they've never read about em! it's a shame. but you get used to being the
underdog and ignored by the music press, fuck em! we played Mansfield recently and all these kids started bouncing around and at the end they said 'wow you're great, how come we've never read about you in Kerrang, we just shrugged our shoulders and told em it's coz we're British!

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

'Treat your women like toilets, they're happy when you're abusing em, but toilets don't follow you round when you've finished using em' -Beer & sex & chips 'n' gravy' -Macc Lads, there's no real excuse for this, it's extremely degrading to woman, but sadly, it makes me laugh, for me the Macc Lads were masters at making sexism absurd.

What is punk?

To me it loosely describes a form of music, fast loud Rock 'n' Roll. The fashion changes a little depending when you got into it? punk came about to rid Rock 'n' Roll of the 'Boring old farts', it did that for a while, its aims were achieved. Today punk rock stands as another
alternative to the mainstream music world.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001/2002.

We have already recorded a 5th album which should see the light of day next year (2002) if we can somehow manage to keep a stable line up then we'll play as many gigs as possible, anywhere we can!

Any final comments?

Yeah a big fuck off to all who have ripped us off and let us down over the last ten years, Apocalypse Babys are still here, most of you are NOT!
Cheers Asterix!


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