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The line-up has changed and the name has been abbreviated since the last interview back in 2000 - who is in the band now, and have the changes come about?

The line-up has changed and the name has been abbreviated since the last interview back in 2000 - who is in the band now, and have the changes come about?

The new linep is:
Chet Knight (vocals, guitar)
Perry Templar (bass)
Amos Insane (drums)
Mark Magee (guitar)
Richard (guitar super-sub)

After the last line-up of the band split I thought a while about what I wanted to do and decided that I wanted to continue with APA but also wanted a fresh start. The best solution was a compromise I suppose. It's still APA but without two of the Piss Artists, leaving our old drummer Amos and myself as the foundation of a new band. First move was adding my Templars band mate Perry on bass, then we recruited Mark Magee (of our hometown Anti-Heros, and a Leicester native as well). We recorded 9 new songs as a demo and have 5 or 6 more ready since then. Labels get in touch.

How have the new members bought a different dynamic and sound to the band?

I think the sound is a little more 70's now and less 80's. A bit more Clash or whatever, and not so much Exploited for lack of a better comparison. We still have a couple of raging new songs but most of it is fairly tuneful mid-tempo stuff. At the same time it's not so far from the old APA that people will be put off by it I don't think.

You must have seen some changes since 2000 in the music scene, what have they been?

In the US, especially the East Coast the scene is really on a downturn. There's still a bit of a crowd for the spikey-haired type punk bands, which we do okay with ourselves. But the garage rock fad stole some of the audience, and they haven't come back since that died out. On to a new fad perhaps? Who knows.

What is the best gig the band have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

With the old line-up I think it was maybe a show in Baltimore, Maryland in 2001. I know that Oxymoron, the Boils, and Dead Empty played with us, and maybe some others too. Tiny place, and the crowd went nuts while we were on stage, or should I say "on floor" as there was no stage really. I kept getting hit in the face with the microphone and kids were landing at our feet as we played. Lots of fun. With the new line-up, we've recently had some great gigs in Newcastle with Crashed Out, San Francisco with the Boils, and Southern California with the Templars.

Do all the band members do other jobs as well as being in the band? If so, what?

Yeah, we all have to work still. Very sad. Please send cash.

Chet-barback/security at a nightclub

Perry-the same at the same nightclub

Amos-unemployed scrounging bastard, ex-computer jobber

Mark-tattoo artist

What were the best releases of 2003?

Somebody asked me this recently and I just blanked on it. I'm a little out of touch at times. Not sure if they were 2003, but fairly recent releases/demos from the Boils, Crashed Out, Counter Attack, and Deadline have impressed.

Are any of you musically trained? Who were your inspiratations in getting involved in music?

None of us have really taken musical lessons, other than myself which was vocal training many, many years ago. So many people inspired me to start my own band, it's impossible to list. But I learned guitar sitting down with Sex Pistols and Ramones albums like probably a million other kids did.

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know

I would mention our talent and good lucks but most people will know about that I'm sure. So let's see:

#1-Amos is the tallest Jew (6 ft. 4 inches) I've ever met, but can't play basketball to save his life.

#2-Perry, is taller than Amos (6 ft. 5 inches) and I'm told was quite the basketball player in high school.

#3-I'm a more reasonable height (about 6 ft. even) and briefly attended college on a basketball scholarship.

#4-Mark has an extreme obsession with digging holes, don't think he plays basketball.

#5-I like throwing obscure basketball references into punk rock interviews. I'll send a free CD to the first person who writes and tells me what hairstyle World B. Free was legendary for. Seriously

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

We'll be on the road constantly this year. Look for us back in the UK and Europe, as well as all over the US. We're recording more new material in March, and plan to weigh our options and decide on a label by summer for a new full-length. Hopefully out by the end of the year.

Any final comments?

Just to say thanks for the soapbox time, and cheers to all our friends in the UK, new and old, you know who you are. See you at the gigs!
APA can be reached at 620 Hansell St. SE, Atlanta, GA. 30312

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