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12/08/2003 (interview with Bart)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

- Start of Antidote

- 1st show
- 1st 7" "Bounce the Bouncer", self-recorded and released on our own label Injection Records, 100 copies
- (mini-)tour with External Menace through Germany

- 2nd 7" "Let's get drunk" self-recorded and self-released (Injection Records), approx. 800 copies
- European tour with The Casualties
- more touring with External Menace and the Casualties

- 1st full-length LP/CD "My Life" on Charged Records
- European tour with Die Strohsäcke
- US Eastcoast-tour with The Casualties
- Antidote-Worhäts split 7" on Attack Records

- European tour with The Casualties and Zero Tolerance
- second full-length "Go Pogo" as 10" on Dirty Faces
- US Westcoast/mid-west tour with The Casualties, The Virus and Endless Struggle
- benefit 7" called "De Blauwe Moet Blijven" (De Blauwe has to stay). All benefits of this ep were for a big squat in our hometown Den Haag called De Blauwe Aanslag. De Blauwe Aanslag is threatened with eviction after being squatted for over 20 years. We have been practising in this squat since we started.

- European tour with Dutch skapunkband Beans
- release of Go Pogo as LP/CD on Charged Records, release of CD-version on Dirty Faces
- US Eastcoast-tour with The Virus
- re-release of "Let's get drunk" 7" as a picture disc on Dirty Faces
- re-release of "My Life" as a picture disc LP/CD on Dirty Faces
- European tour with Disturbance
- split 7" with N.Y.Rel-x on Dirty Faces
- US Eastcoast-tour with The Krays (august 2002)
- "Back in year zero" LP/CD on Dirty Faces

Antidote were, are and will always be:
Bart: vocals/guitar
Arne: vocals/bass
Joris: guitar
Jaeques: drums
Huib: Huib


Back in year zero LP/CD 2003 Dirty Faces
split 7" w/ NY-Relx 2002 Dirty Faces
My Life picture disc LP/CD 2001 Dirty Faces
Let's Get Drunk picture 7" 2001 Dirty Faces
Go Pogo! LP/CD 2001 Charged Records
De Blauwe Moet Blijven 7" 2000 Injection Records
Go Pogo! 10"/CD 2000 Dirty Faces
Keine Arbeit split 7" w/ Das Shocks and Die Strohsäcke 2000 Attack Records
My Life LP/CD 1999 Charged Records
split 7" w/ Worhäts 1999 Attack Records
Let's Get Drunk 7" 1998 Injection Records
Bounce The Bouncer 7" 1997 Injection Records
1997 s/t demotape

anarchy & peace kruzifix compilation 2003
Punk and Disoi!rderly compilation 2001 Step One Music
Punx Unite 2 compilation LP/CD 2000 Charged Records
Human Dust Punk/HC compilation 7" 1999 Na Und Records
Internationally Yours compilation 7" 1999 Ditchdiggin Records

You have your new album out 'Back in year zero' - where did you get the title from and what can people expect? What is your favourite song on the album and what is the track about?

We got the title of a song we wrote, which is about people judging over other peoples lives, which can never be fair.
Take a look what happened in Iraq, or all other places in the world that burn right now. Too many people are victims of another mans war…

Besides that the title suits the record, most songs have heavier subjects than songs we wrote on previous records.

My favourite song is “different worlds”, which is about the double life i lead. One moment your on stage, having the best life there is, the other moment youré back in reality working to pay your bills. It’s hard to switch between those two lives, the life you really want to live, and the life you have to live to survive.

You have been together since the mid 90's - so how do you know each other and what made you decide to form a band?

We all used to live in the same town, and go to the same college. Besides me and Huib, everybody was in the same class. So we all know another for a long time now. We all used to work and hang out in the same youthcentre and so on.

At young age most of us started making music, and we all have been in different bands. One night we recorded a demo for DM, the old band of Jaeques, Arne and Joris. That night we all toop pills and drank a lot, and we decided to jam a little. That night Antidote was born. We all stopped our other bands and kicked it off.

When you have played the UK, how have you found it compared with mainland Europe? How do the audience compare?

To be honest, i think there’s not that many differences. I think the UK and uropean scene are sort of the same. Lots of young punks, but most of the punks are around for ages. Also you still see a lot of really old punks, the ones wo were there from the beginning.

Thats something you hardly see in America, for example.

Besides that i find the european scene a good mix of different people. Punks, squatters, political and less political people seem to walk together, although they don’t always agree. I like that! If you don’t always agree doesn’t mean you have to hate and fight!


Out of all the bands you have toured with who have you enjoyed playing with the most? And if you could play with any band, who would it be?

Pff…difficult one. I can’t pick. We have had so much fun with all the bands we toured with. I remember crazy drugs nights with the Casualties in Amsterdam, complete drunken madness with die Strohsaeke in Prague, so much disaster with the Virus that it all became funny, the craziest things that happened with us and Beans, i don’t know, there’s so many good stories from everything we did.

To us it’s best when we get along well with the other bands, like their music and party! Whats better than being on tour as one big family, instead of 2 or 3 bands that play the same bill, but have nothing to do with another?

For bands i’d like to play with, i don’t know, we don’t care, we’ll see what the future brings us!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

The worst that ever happened is definitly the tour with external menace, where welshy got beat up so bad by hooligans, he was nearly killed. It was the 1st night of the tour, obn a festival in our hometown. The same night Holland was playing Argentina, holland won, all the footballfans came out on the street and sterted looking for trouble. Welshy was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, they broke every bone in his face with a baseballbat and it nearly cost him his life. Luckily, after many years, he’s doing great again!

The best thing? I don’t know, you should ask every band member…for me the best was one was in czeck republic, where we played for a club filled with soldiers. It turned out they we’re all in the servcie, but had a night off and came to see the bands. Most of them were pnks too, still wearing safetypins in their ears and so. It was great, everybody was dancing and drinkign and having a great time. I really didn’t expect that when i walked in….

Also the crazy drugs night in amsterdam with the Casualties are high on the list… but maybe you should ask them hehe

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Dutch punk is back on the map. There are tons of great bands, as Mistake, No Hoodlums, Beans, Disturbance, Niolism and so on.

There are gigs almost every weekend, and lots of kids show up. It’s good. The atmosphere is good.

Every city has it’s own scene though, and they differ from city to city. Rotterdam is known for it’s punk/skin/psycho unity, amsterdam for it’s squats, Ede for it’s great punk and hardcore shows……In my area you see a lot of young kids, 14/15 year old spikey hair punks. I hope they’ll stick around we’ll see. But it’s great to see punks on the streets again! We wrote a song about it, called Riot in the city. It’s on the new album.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

We are planning on doing a split 7” with seein’red, one of the longest running punkbands in the netherlands. All songs will be in dutch. It should be out in autumn

We are not really touring this year, but we do play Viva le Punk in CBGB’s in october and WASTED in London in november. Besides that we have gigs here and there, some in Holland and Germany.

In 2004 we will tour the USA westcoast and texas in spring Besides that we want to do a new record in spring.

Any final comments?

If you want more info on us, check out www.antidote.nl
I also recommend the following links:
http://www.dirtyfaces.de (great releases and huge mailorder)
http://www.attackrecords.de (great releases and huge mailorder)

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