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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

(D) Airbomb are
Meaty-Guitar & Vocals
Johny Wishbone-Guitar & Vocals
Maff-Bass & Vocals
Dave-Drums & Vocals

We formed in 1996 although we have all been friends and drinking buddies for much longer. Before we had even played a single note as Airbomb, we spent several months converting Meatys garage into a rehearsal room. We padded the walls and ceiling with eggboxes, Rock wool (Loft insulation), chipboard and old carpets. A little later on we took out a bank loan between the four of us to buy some recording equipment so that we could record and produce our own stuff in our own time. It probably sounds a bit flash, but after the initial layout all our rehearsals and recording sessions are virtually FREE, so it's probably the cheapest way to make records in the longrun.

Once we had our studio we set about writing our material. We recorded a demo, called simply the AIRBOMB, 1996 DEMO it contained four songs, NIHIL, YOUR CHOKING, I'M SO SICK and SINISTER BASTARD. This demo was sold at gigs and sent to fanzines for a year or so. On the strength of the demo we eventually got offered an album deal by SPIKE at RETCH RECORDS, so we went back into the studio and recorded our entire set and the album LOOK OUT was released in 1998. LOOK OUT sold 500 copies but is not getting a repressing by RETCH because SPIKE says he can't afford it. Anyone wanting a copy can however get one direct from Airbomb as we have released a small number on our own AIRBOMB RECORDS label.

More recently we have been back in the studio writing our as yet untitled follow up album which should be released around early 2001. Hopefully we will have found another label to release it by then, if not we will have to do it ourselves. So anyone out there who runs or works for a PUNK ROCK label get in touch if your intersted.


..one track on "KEEP IT ANGRY (Hunt Saboteurs A ssociation benefit)...CD...BOMB FACTORY
..Also numerous comp cassettes

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

(D) We've all played in local bands with each other but never before as this line up. I doubt any body has heard of any of those bands so I'm not going to bother naming them.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

(D) We do two DISCHARGE covers TV SCETCH and AIN'T NO FEEBLE BASTARD and three MISFITS songs ATTITUDE, LAST CARESS and WE ARE 138.Playing covers is probably the best way of learning how songs are structured I would advise any youngsters just starting out in a band to cover stuff by your favourites, it's a lot more fun and a whole lot cheaper than lessons.

What is the best gig Airbomb have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

(D) Thats a tough one, there are a few gigs that stick in my mind, the JOINERS in SOUTHAMPTON with WORM and 53rd & 3rd was memorable. SKATE CITY in BRISTOL with THE X RAYS was a hot and sweaty one. and the VIC in DERBY with SENSA YUMA was humourous. We rarely have a bad gig because we rehearse very hard for them, we take gigging seriously and we never get pissed before we go on.


(M) Best gig ever played? A small gig in Tottenham early this year was probably the best in some ways, but one of the worst in others. We were playing a birthday party for Eric from 53rd & 3rd in the function room of a pub. It was packed and bereft of a stage. We went on pretty late to a VERY enthusiastic crowd, who, given the lack of stage, participated energetically in the gig - the place went absolutely radio rental! Playing to such a madl crowd was, in hindsight, brilliant. However, it was also very frightening - the PA was toppling over and I nearly lost all my teeth several times when bodies hit the mikestand. we had to stop playing on a number of occasions as mikes, guitars etc were getting unplugged accidentallty and at one point we had a row of blokes in front of us holding back the baying hordes just so we could play! It was mayhem but all good humoured.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

(D) That's an easy one THE RAMONES, I've seen them over twenty times but I would love to see them again. Failing that ELVIS PRESLEY during his fat arse jump suited Vegas period would be good. Mind you I never did get to see the DEAD KENNEDYS. So to recap. My dream gig would be AIRBOMB (as this is only fantasy) followed by THE DEAD KENNEDY'S followed by ELVIS with THE RAMONES headlining, at the JOINERS in SOUTHAMPTON.


(M) Past bands that I was too young to see were the Pistols and the Clash. I would have loved to have seen the Misfits with Danzig as well. I have seen most of the present day bands that I am into but would like to catch the Dwarves next time they are over.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

(D) In a word RUBBISH. As far as I know there is no scene in Romford. There's quite a lot of Goths and some younger Skater type Punk kids around and about , the ones who look old enough to drink do so in the FORD & FIRKIN but I don't think you could call it a scene. We had a good scene in the eighties but most of those people have started families (like myself) and /or moved away from the area. We still socialize with some of the same crowd from back then, which is nice.

Name the best 5 releases of 99.

(D) I have them to hand, though in no particular order. THE MISFITS, Famous Monsters. This album kicks serious arse, great tunes, great harmonies, just a fantastic album. THE RAMONES, Anthology. I probably shouldn't be allowed to pick this but I 'm going to anyway. This is a box set double CD and it is a mighty fine compilation of the bands work from 76-95. Everyone in the world should own a copy of this. VARIOUS ARTISTS, Short Music for Short People. 101 bands including BAD RELIGION, NOFX, RANCID, YOUTH BRIGADE, THE MISFITS, D.O.A, THE VANDALS, SNUFF, CITIZEN FISH, BLACK FLAG, THE DAMNED, AGNOSTIC FRONT, THE OFFSPRING, GREEN DAY, LIVING END, BLINK 182, DESCENDANTS, PENNYWISE, NO MEANS NO all playing 30 second songs. THE CLASH, From Here to Eternity.A mighty fine album of live songs by THE CLASH, nuff said. ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES, Are a Drag. One of NOFX and four other blokes playing the hots from Broadway in a Punk Rock stylee. I find this sort of thing hilariously funny and ultimately enjoyable although it's probably not serious enough for the purists.


(M) I'm not very good with dates so I will try and be as close to last year as possible. So, in no particular order...

The Supersuckers - the evil powers of rock n roll - Brilliant Ramonesy lunacy and a fantastic live band.
Misfits - Famous monsters - The masters of cheesepunk just get better and better - the songs are just so catchy.
Sick on the Bus - Suck on... - The best (In my humble opinion) British punk band around currently.
Rancid - I know it's only just come out but this totally rocks in a Discharge friendly fashion.
Snuff - Numb nuts - i wasn't too keen on this at first but it has really grown on me - a bit more song based than previous material.

This is a bit US biased which isn't a concious thing - the septics just seem to have put out some great stuff recently - not that there isn't good stuff over here as well.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

(D) Only 3 more gigs this year PUNK AID, HOLIDAYS IN THE SMOKE and an ALL DAYER at BRADFORD RIO'S. We've decided to limit our gigging for the rest of the year to concentrate on writing and recording our new album, which we hope to have ready for release in early 2001.

Any final comments?

Yeah thanks for taking an interest in AIRBOMB. Anyone wanting copies of "LOOK OUT" or "WELCOME TO THE WELFARE STATE" can purchase them from us at.

PO BOX 2335

CDs cost 7.00 each and the price includes postage and packaging. Cheques should be made payable to AIRBOMB. We also have AIRBOMB T-shirts for sale (also 7.00). Alternatively you could visit our website at www.meaty77.freeserve.co.uk

Once again thanks for the help and support we have received.
Stay Punk, Stay Free


(M) Thanks for reading this and get in touch if you would like to know more.

(D) = Dave
(M) = Maff

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