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Adolf And The Piss Artists

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

APA kind of sputtered to life in '93, but was put on "hiatus" while I played in Time Bomb 77 in '94-'95. In '96 I started APA up again with Stuart SOB on bass, and Bunny Rabid on drums. Current line-up is Chet Da Bastard Knight (guitar/vocals), Stuart SOB (bass), Warren Hate Bailey (guitar) and Amos Insane (drums).


Heroes 7" (1997, 435 Revolutions Records)
Split 7" with The Drones (1998, 45 Revolutions Records)
This Is Your Law 7" (1998, 45 Revolutions Records)
Zero Hour CD (2000, GMM Records)
Plus several comps like Angry Punk For Urban Skunks, Skins N Pins,Kill All The Boyscouts, Ruts Tribute, Greasers Punks And Skins Vol. 2, etc.

Describe your sound and what are the main themes in the lyrics?

Some call it "Skunk Rock", which isn't a bad description. Very early 80's style punk/Oi! with some '77, and even some old US hardcore. It's hard to pigeon-hole, which is something we're proud of I suppose. Lyrically we sing about real life issues, but not the beer/fighting cop-out that passes for Oi/punk in some circles. If the lyrics are ever political (and I guess they sometimes are), it's street politics that effect our everyday lives, not some Crass booklet copycatting bullshit.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

I'm not sure if I can put some shit out for consumption or not. Here's some fairly safe tid-bits. We've almost gotten the Drones deported in North Carolina. We've stolen a Commie flag from a "emo" house in Knoxville. We've played a laundromat in Cincinnati while it was open to the public. And I've broken up a fight in a motel parking lot between the two brothers in the Drones. OF course, there's more. Any band can tell you that touring is an experience all it's own.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

As for bands I never saw, maybe Blitz or the 4 Skins. One band that I did see, but way past their prime was the Clash. Wish I'd caught them earlier in the game.

What question would you like to be asked in interviews, but you are never asked? And what is your answer?

How do I stay so dashingly handsome living such a hardscrabble lifestyle? I don't what my answer would be really, but I'd love to be asked that.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

The scene here in Atlanta is excellent right now. One of the top 3 in the US I'd say. Beyond the obvious (our friends the Anti-Heros) you've got bands like the Breakaways (skinhead punk), Terminus City (street rock/Oi!), Bloody Sods (fast HC/punk), the Neglected (spiky haired streetpunk), and a bunch of others that I may be forgetting right now (Spectremen, Criminal Ways, Trash Candys). Fuck, I give up. There's lots of great music coming out of Atlanta.

Why did you choose the name 'Adolf and the Piss Artists'?

Back in '93 we played the old Valves song "For Adolfs Only" at practices, and I said we should name our band "Adolf & The Piss Artists" kind of as a joke, but it ended up sticking. We all thought it was real funny at the time. You may not find it funny at all, but then it's not your fucking band is it?

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

We just completed a tour with the Krays. We're doing some shows with Oxymoron and the Boils in September. New CD out now on GMM. Split records with Blind Society and the Boils. Something on Retch Records over there as well. And I guess that's about it. Oh, we are touring the US with Major Accident early next year.

Any final comments?

Just thanks to you Rebecca, for paying attention to this side of the pond as well, and for running such a good site. Cheers and hello to all our friends in the UK (Drones, Spike/Blitzkrieg, Herve/Gundog, Con/Major Accident, and the wealthiest welfare cases ever- the Royal Family). Write to us at: 620 Hansell St. SE, Atlanta, GA. 30312 USA or email us at apapunk@hotmail.com

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