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Active Slaughter
03/01/02 (interview with  JJ & Jake)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

JAKE: Formed in JJ's bedroom ( oo-er) by the 2 of us around May/June 2001. Current line up is uncertain apart from me, Jake vocals, JJ guitar, Trev on Drums & I dunno what's what with a bass player yet .
JJ: yeah well to end all the rumours it was started in my bedROOM and not my bed. Me and jake are close but not that close. Right now joe is going to record the EP with us, we hope he stays after that. We have a gig in leeds a anti fascist gig on 12th jan.


JAKE: MY foot in Your Mouth, track on Direct Action, Animal Rights compilation CD, a benefit for SHAC & HSA, which to be quite frank is a fucking brilliant compilation and would not have happened without Active Slaughter. Incidentally we're recording a CD ep soon (early janurary 02)

JJ: Yeah email us activeslaughter@hotmail.com if you wanna reserve your copy.
Should be priced 3 quid for CD and 2 quid for the tape.

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

JAKE: WEll Trev was in Bug Central & this dodgy geezer Joe from Intensive Care.

JJ: Yeah we are honoured to have trev in the band as he's a lot more experienced than me and jake, a great drummer and geezer too. He also used to be in the X-creatas and Anthrax. Joe's an excellent bass player too (and i always thought he was shit).

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

JAKE: "Securicor" by CRASS

JJ: & Aveneues & Alleyways by Rancid

If you were writing a review about Active Slaughter, how would you describe the band?

JAKE: Too political to be accepted in the London punk scene"ask the Verge &^ all the
slimey cunts who go to Take Warning":-}>
JJ: yeah there is a long story behind that one but if you go to our website you can find
out what it's all about. If I was not in Active Slaughter though i'd probably say they were my best band :). 
Well seriously though we are well into what we are doing, the music and the politics. We are not interested in making money or anything like that we just want to get our message across which is in our songs. We a few of animal rights songs and that would be the strongest subject we cover in this band. Of course we are just as much believe in human rights and have songs to cover that subject too, but it happens to be that not so many bands are into animal rights so we feel it is our job to cover AR issues a bit more than other bands might in todays scene.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

JAKE:The first album I remember buying out of my own money was "No More Heros"
Stranglers. But my parents bought me a lot of the Blondie singles when they were in
the charts.
JJ: I think it was the beastie boys album Licensed to ill (their first one) , well it was either me or me brother which bought it, I ended up with it though.

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

JAKE: Dead and apathetic as ever, needs a good kick up the arse and needs to learn the value of unity, certainly in this fucking country.
JJ: some good things and some bad things about punk  today. I werent there all them years ago so I cant compare it. I find it very sad though that the anarcho punk scene is so much smaller than it used to be. How many actual real politically bands can you name today? Although im not one of them boring 'ol anarcho farts who never smile or laugh at something funny........ I love to see non political bands and funny bands too. But I just wish we could have more real political bands in the scene that are trying to get a message across

What bands would you recommend checking out?

JAKE:I really like what I've heard from Finland, I like the punk scene a lot from over there. As far as here Intensive Care are always a good laugh, Agrogazm, I'm sure there are others oh and of course Active Slaughter.

JJ: Intensive Care, Bug Central, Kismet HC, 17 Stitches, DS-13, Riot/Clone.  and all the
other good ones i missed out!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

JAKE:First of all we need a full time bass player, but we are gonna record a cd very soon, watch this space and we are really up for doing gigs as soon as we secure our line up.
JJ: yeah the EP entitled SMASH HLS will be out at the begining of january, we got a gig in leeds on januray 12th.  We've got loads of gigs lined up for janurary in fact (i cant remember em all), our biggest one being the one on 7th april at the astoria, in London.. with bands such as conflict, icons of filth, riot/clone bug central. Its a 12 band lineup and an animal rights benefit gig in memeory of barry horne. I am helping orgainse this gig so contact me for tickets JJ@londonpunks.co.uk (priced 15 quid). More details on this all dayer here www.londonpunks.co.uk

Any final comments?

JAKE: If it so happens Joe leaves us and there are any political Veggie's who wanna join us full time on bass get in touch, we've got loads of gigs lined up and apparently our song is the best one on Direct action animal rights.
JJ: our website address is www.activeslaughter.co.uk
thanks for this interview rebecca.................do we get paid for it?

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