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Suspicious Stains

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Anne: Vocals/Guitar,
Nat: Bass/Vocals/Kazoo,
Eddie(Elvis): Drums,
Jim: Guitar/Gimp


2002: 4 track Demo: Soiled

2004: Currently recording the album

If you were writing a review about Suspicious Stains how would you describe the band?

I'd say.... "These people need help, what with the whipping, Drumming Elvis's (all clad in a PVC Elvis suit!), Sperm shooting and other daft goings on, you'd have to have a little madness in your life to watch these" .

How did you all get into music, and are any of you musically trained?

Eddie: I was asked to join a band when i was at School, they needed a Bass player, i couldn't play bass! My Uncle donated a bass to my cause and off i went...... I guess I'm one of those lucky fuckers that had it in them! So I'm not musically trained.

Nat: I picked up a bass in my mates house one day and was playing around with it making tunes up on it, and someone said " how long have you been playing", so i thought i might get one of these it seems easy...... So I'm not musically trained either.

Anne: Just got into it when i was younger, I'm not musically trained at all, and i work as a Music project worker full time, so you don't need to know it really do you?

Jim: I just started playing guitar when i was younger, my brother played guitar in a cock Rock band, so i picked it up from him, i am purely self taught!

What has been your best and worse gig so far and why? Who would you love to tour with?

Our best would be one of our first gigs with Anne our new singer, and we played an all dayer in Manchester (Band on the Wall) with loads of Emo student bands,and before we went on we were saying to each other, "Every band now has sounded the same and all the bands don't look to be having any fun",We went on and we just went wild for the 20 minutes we were on and i think we left an impression, we enjoyed ourselves anyway!!

Worst Well that would be our first gig with our old singer Gwen who was at School at the time and she wanted to enter us in a battle of the bands at here School, we had only been going 5 weeks, and although we battled on and the crowd seemed to be enjoying it, we were having nightmares, Nat's Amp blew up, Gwen unplugged the mic as she was about to sing, a fight broke out, and the P.A was a piece of shit and we couldn't hear a thing!

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

We do "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles, we Bastardize "Suspicious Minds" to "Suspicious Stains", and we've been known to do L7's "Shit list" in the past.

If Suspicious Stains were a type of alcohol, what drink would they be and why?

Absinthe because it does the unexpected!

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Post Modernist, Marxist, De-constructionist,Anti-disestablishment and unwashed!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

yeah we should have an Album out this summer on DTS Records if all goes well!!

Sunday 15th Febraury 2004, CERT 18, York

Saturday 21st February 2004 - The Railway Club,Barrow-In-Furness

Saturday 28th February 2004 - The Dog & Partridge,Whitworth (Near Rochdale)(With Albert's Ginger Wig)

Friday 12th March 2004 - Panama Joe's, Barnsley(With Lowlife)

Saturday 13th March 2004 - The Exchange Alehouse,Market St, Bradford

Friday 30th April 2004 - The Star & Garter, Fairfield Stmanchester(With The Dead Pets & Argy Bargy

Any final comments?

Big thanks to Rebecca! who is always willing to help bands out, Cheers! Check out www.suspiciousstains.com for free downloads, gigs (we have loads booked) etc

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