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Suburban Lockdown Interview


Who is in Suburban Lockdown (what other bands have you been in etc) and how did the band come about?

Roger Lamoureux Bass:
I was the vocalist for 80's New York punk band Affirmative Action also played in tons of other bands along the way.
I started Suburban Lockdown with Josh our original drummer and original guitarist Scotty.

Kevan Vocals:
I was in a Central FL band called Another Round. We played together under various lineups for 2-3 years. We were able to share the stage with some good bands such as Fear, Defiance, Les Stitches, and AGT to name a few. At the time a couple members were also playing in a hardcore band called Vietnom (DMS) they went off on tour and I started to get bored. My roommate at the time was playing with Roger, but went back to California to play in Cheap Sex. I saw Roger at a show and told him I wanted to front the band. Four years later, a demo, two full lengths, a 7”, and an upcoming 10” well here we are.

Jake Drums:
I've never really been in any band that really went anywhere. I opened for MDC once 4 years ago, and I used to play in a thrash metal band. That's about it. I've only been in the band for a little over a year, and that's all thanks to knowing Roger; he hooked me up with an audition.

How would you describe the band and the music?

Roger:Fun and hard ass driving music.

Kevan: Fun no frills hardcore punk!!

Jake: The band is full of tiny assholes and teachers who love to rock out. And the music is just straight up Rock N' Roll.

How has your album Laid to Waste been recieved? What tracks would you recommend checking out an what is it about?

Kevan: Pretty good! Our label Durty Mick has done a great job of getting us some exposure. It’s kinda funny but 9 out of 10 reviews liken us to Agnostic Front. Not a bad comparison by any standards, but I don’t see too many similarities there. As far as a couple tracks that I like I would probably say Living Wage, Dumbed Down, and Sink or Swim. Most of our songs come from social issues that have touched our lives at one point or ones that we may face in the future.

Jake: I guess it's been received as pretty good. My personal favorites are Laid To Wait, Living Wage, Time Is Coming, and Altered Reality. They just kick the most ass in my mind.

I belive you have split release coming out early in the year with Beerzone. How did this come about? Can we expect any changes on the new release?

Kevan: Not much to it really. The Mick called me up and asked if we would like to do a split with Beerzone. We played a show with them a few years back and had a great time. I was always a big Intensive Care fan also, so it was a no brainer for me. As far as the new music every release goes through a bit of a transformation while still having the same feel. There are three songs on the new record that may be three of our best I was pretty happy with what came out lyrically and musically.

Other than Beerzone, who would you love to do a split album with and why?

Roger: GBH because they are the Godfathers as far as I am concerned.

Kevan: So many bands I would like to share a record with. Maybe the Test Tube Babies or the Anti Nowhere League for the tongue in cheek humor and fuck off attitude. But for Nostalgia purposes maybe The Dead Boys or The Clash earlier on in their career.

Jake: If at all possible, which it is probably not, I would love to do a split with Broken Bones or Black Uniforms.

Over the years you have toured with many bands, who have been the worst and best to tour with and what secrets can you tell us from being on the road? Have you noticed any major difference with the US and UK touring bands?
Kevan: We have played with a ton of bands most of which where fun as hell. Some of the most memorable would be GBH, The Vibrators, The Business, Gang Green, and The Disasters. The after parties with Defiance, AGT, and Left Alone crews are always an adventure. Every band is different no matter where their from.

Roger: Best band that we have played with to me was Decontrol from Philly.As far as touring with I'm gonna let that one slide by.

What has the highlight and lowest part of the bands history been so far?

Roger: For me the highlight is playing with bands that I have been a fan of for so long like GBH, Decontrol, The Vibrators.
The lowest part was when I went through a period of severe depression and left the band for 5 months.

Kevan: Sharing the stage with all kinds of great bands and putting out records that I can actually listen too. “I seem to hate everything these days.” For a low point probably shows getting cancelled on the road. That always sucks.

Jake: For me the best part is playing shows to people who fucking enjoy it.

What is the scene like in your area and who do you recommend checking out?

Roger: The scene comes and goes but over all the kids here are some of the best. Check out The Sickboys,Moral Decline,The Angst.

Kevan: The scene comes and goes all the time. The culture is so accessable these days that kids show up one day and are gone the next. One day it seems that there is a shit ton of kids then you turn around and they are gone but there is a new bunch turning up. One of my favorites is the Dancin Knuckles but they moved to New Jersey those cunts. Andy the mandallin player played in my old band and did backups on a couple of the new songs. Another is Zero to Kill from California they used to be from Central Florida but decided to get up and go out west. And of course my roommate and old bandmates new band The Black River Boys which will be releasing a record coming out soon on Durty Mick.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2008.

Kevan: Beerzone/Suburbanlockdown “Kingdom of the Dead” 10” and CD. More gigs to follow check out our dumbass space bullshit for updates or our website www.suburbanlockdown.com

Jake: Fuckin' Vinyl, new releases, new tours, etc.

Any final comments?
Roger: All of Englands punks should buy our albums so we can come over and play there!

Kevan: Hope to be over that way before too long. Sorry about our guitar player he had a tragic guitar accident that left him speechless. Probably better though since he would have babbled a bunch of craziness anyway.

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