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Striknien DC
22/01/2003 (interview with Beano & Deko)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Beano: Striknien DC formed in 1993. The main intention was to write melodic yet hard angry punk rock fused with some of the spirit & sounds of protest reggae & ska. (This was before every other punk band was playing ska as a matter of course - with the obvious exceptions). At the time Dublin
was a sea of noise/hardcore types and we wanted to do something different. We released 3 lps, toured up & down Ireland several times with ocassional forays to England & Europe.

The current line -up were all in the band before:

Deko Dachau - Vocals, Beano - Drums/vocals, Pete - Bass, Donnachada - Guitar and when he's not on the front line in Spain , Javi Garcia - Guitar.


1993 - Welcome to the Gash Factory (CS. - Striknien Tapes - Deleted)
1993 - Rejected vol 1 (7" compilation - Rejected Records - Deleted)
1995 - Songs from the Smack Cradle (7" - Rugger Bugger Discs)
1996 - ...From the Dead Room(Split CD w/ Monkhouse - Rejected)
1996 - Ax-s Records sampler (2 tracks - AX-S Records)
1997 - Ghettoblast (CD - Rejected Records)
1998 - Respect is not a word (sampler 2 tracks Brotherhood of One)
1999 - Tribute to the Ruts (compilation CD - Rejected Records)
1999 - Horses for Courses (CD - Rejected Records)
1999 - Welcome to the Gash Factory (CD - Striknien Discs)
1999 - ...From the Dead Room (CD - Striknien Discs)
2003 - Playing with Fire - (3 CD set w/ 3 lps + Bonus CD - Rejected)

Why reform after all this time and how has the scene changed since you were first about?

Deko: All this time is about 2 1/2 years, & no the scene hasn't changed much in good old Ireland but elsewhere it has and it's not as hard to get gigs, distribution and attention for an out & out punk band as it was when we were going first time around. And the current crop of punk bands are
about as real and interesting as watching paint dry.

Beano: After a break from each other we then had time to be mates again (more important than music) , we then realised something was lacking from the Irish punk scene. Things had got too friendly and nice. There was no danger, conflict and controversy. We realised what was missing was us.

If you were writing a review about Striknien DC, how would you describe the band?

Deko: A collection of nasty,dissident individuals who's common denominator is punk rock and who's political thinking is angry, rabid and scathing. A musical tornado!

Beano: Powerful, well played, hard as hell music to back up the best lyrics in punk! And the drummer is fucking brill (well of course...)

What is the best gig Striknien DC have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

Beano: Out of an haze of literally hundreds of gigs, it's hard to pick one or two , but probably the Hackney Homeless Festival in London in '94 with Coitus , Dread Messiah and Decadent Few or in the Kopi in Berlin in '99 with Reich N' Schoen & Zero Tolerance.

Deko: Striknien DC have done many , many fucking excellent gigs (modest eh?) so none really stick out much but the line up was always us against them!

Why did you choose the name Striknien DC?

Deko : It's in the new CD's liner notes.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Deko: 1) The Fate of Criminals - Adverts 2) Funeral Pyre - The Jam 3) Ain't
it Fun - Dead Boys 4) No Town Hall - Crisis 5) No time to be 21 - Adverts

Beano: Fuck Knows , it would change everyday but when i get buried "Going
Underground" by The Jam will be getting played (for obvious reasons).

Pete and Donnachada didn't contribute to the interview, but we have it on
good authority that for them it would be Careless Whisper and Shadaap your

Do you still go and see other punk/oi bands when they play in your area? If so, what was the last band you saw and were they any good?

Beano: Yeah all the time. I used to go to every other gig to support what Dublin punk scene there was , but nowadays I'm only there for the drink unless it's someone I really like unless I get pleasently surprised , but that doesn't happen to often. All the young bands in Dublin try to sound
like Rancid. The last band I saw who I really enjoyed in Dublin was a rockabilly band called The Mosquitoes.

Deko: Still go to all the gigs (local) in Dublin & help put on most of them. Last good band to play Dublin was Mark Foggos Skasters and as a rule I hate ska/punk so it was a surprise for me. They were real ska. Irish bands of note include Puget Sound, The Steampig and The Dangerfields.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

Deko: More gigs, girls, lps, wars, money, beer and disruption.

Beano: Gigs and new record.

Any final comments?

Striknien DC - a breed apart ...over & out of it.

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