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Sabotage Interview


How did the band first get together, and who is in the band these days?

We got together in 2013, intially just as a studio project, but kept going.

The band is (me) Robert, vocals, previuosly/also in The Righteous, Contemptuous, Antipati and Agent Bulldogg, Erik, Guitar, previously/also in Frontlash, Contemptuous, Abjekt, Sleepless Nights and Vindicate This!, Johan, bass, previously/also in Arresten, Double Knockout and Vindvak and Matte, drums, previously/also in Frontlash, Aifur and Sleepless Nights. Past members are Slebbe (prev/also in Cunt Sucking Cannibals and Zombie Space Pirates) and Silvio (prev/also in Maraboots, Lion's Law and Projekt 9).

I believe Sabotage started as a studio project and what point did you decide to get out and play live and why?

Pretty soon after the release of our first 7” we were offered a gig at the PSK festival, so we dicided to give it a go, because we enjoyed it. We don't gig much as pretty much all of us has families and lots on our hands, but we play now and then in between making new songs and recording them.

What is the Swedish scene like at present?  As an observer it does not seem as judgmental as the UK scene.

I guess it's not as judgemental, but we're going there for sure. A couple of years back there were no problems, since the scene is small and everyone pretty much know each other, but Sabotage – not being a politically correct band in Swedish context – face a lot of problem gigging in Stockholm/Sweden. The people that try to stop us from playing is not part of the punk/oi scene though, they're some kind of internet based hardcore punk people. It's sad when punk and oi! has turned in to some kind of safe zone for millenial snowflakes, but we try to be honest and straight forward.

Have you played many gigs outside of Sweden?  Where is the band best received?

We have played in Helsinki, Finland, and Badalona, Catalunya. Gigs are booked for Bratislava, Slovakia, and Lleida, Catalunya early next year. We get the best reception at home, probably as most of our lyrics are in swedish, but really the reception has been great over all.

Can you tell the non-Swedish speakers the main themes of the songs? Have you ever considered singing in English for the band? 

The main themes are the social problems that is a result of the fact that Sweden is rapidly becoming a failed state for a number of reasons. But we also sing about more mundane things like our kids, swedish winter depression, vikings and stuff like that. We have done a few recordings with alternative lyrics in english. One of them is ”When Odin Calls” that appears on the CD version of ”Faderskap I Gråzonen” and is on youtube… the other one is so far unreleased and owned by PST Records, so we'll see if it ever sees the light of day. We will probably do more english alternatives in the future.

What other bands have you been compared to and do you think the comparison is fair?

People have compared us to Agent Bulldogg, Perkele, Joy Division, The Templars, Thin Lizzy, DepartmentS, The Wall, The Fall, Altered Images, Camera Silens, Antipati, UK Subs and Iron Maiden. I think it's fair to draw references to bands like The Templars and Camera Silens apart from the obvious references like Antipati and Agent Bulldogg, although I understand the references made to NWOBHM (because that's what the drummer's into) and the post punk bands dropped, since Erik has a thing for The Cure and 80's pop music.

What would be the bands ultimate gig line-up be?

That's a hard one… perhaps an all dayer with The Templars, Retaliator, Queensbury Rules, Haircut and us, to keep it somewhat real. That would be one hell of a nice drinking session.

What newish bands would you recommend checking out?

In Sweden I'd say Hets, Trench, my brother's new project (he's with Avgå! and Agent Bulldogg aswell), the new The Franks, Vindvak, Östra Aros, Close Air Support and Stormvarning. I'm not sure what counts as newish, but Queensbury Rules are ace, Steel Comb, Kings Cross, Bromure and Codi de Silenci are all good bands.

What do you have planned in terms of gigs and releases for 2017/18?     

The gigs mentioned above, in Slovakia and Catalunya, aswell as record and release a new record of three to eight songs.

Any final comments?

Thanks a lot for doing this interview, and I'm very happy that Punk & Oi! in the UK is back on track!

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