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Rhoda Dakar Interview


You are touring this Autumn, what songs can people expect to see on your set list?

Some Bodysnatchers, some old favourite covers, some from The LoTek Four, Vol I EP and and some brand new. 

What do you find the pros and cons are with playing live compared to recording in the studio? Which is your preference?

They're two different things. No point in trying to recreate a studio sound onstage, rather reimagine it and play that. Couldn't tell you which I prefer, I don't know myself!

Who comes to your gigs, and has the audience changed much over the years?

Some old 2 Tone fans, some new ones, lots of women and music fans in general. 

Have you always been involved in the music industry, or have you had other jobs as well, if so what?

started off working in theatre, but I've worked a lot in fashion and still do, in fact. I also teach vocals and performance.  .

Please let us know 5 surprising facts about you? 

I first performed live in the the 60s

I used to be a hand model - my hand was on a Durex ad, while my belly was hugely pregnant!

I suffer badly with Depression

I was a Punk back in the day, hanging with the Bromley Contingent and have been mates with Cook and Jones since I was 16

have Latin A Level

What band has had most influence in your life?

Not a band - David Bowie

What goes into the song writing process? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?

Thought and care. Only by accident.  .

What have been the high and low points over your years in the music business?

It's always like that - can't pick them out! .

What is your favourite line in a song and why?   

Not just one, but I put my own play on words in lyrics quite often, just to make me smile when I sing them!

What can people expect in the future from you?

The LoTek Four, Vol II.

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