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Queensbury Rules Interview


For those who have not heard of Queensbury Rules please introduce the band?

Hi, Queensbury Rules have been together since 2013. The current line up is - Jordan - vocals, Neil - bass, Barney - drums, Philly - guitars

What bands are your main influences?  And how would you describe your sound?

Our influences are mainly the original “80's Oi” bands like Condemned 84, 4 skins, Combat 84 but with a lot of heavy stuff chucked in like Motorhead, Madball, Agnostic Front and a bit of Iron Maiden. Our sound is probably “brick wall Oi” similar to retaliator and Bakers Dozen.

You have the song Scene Politics -- Oi! bands often get a hard time, what opposition have you encountered over the years?

We've encountered pretty much all forms of opposition since we started!! We are blacklisted in our home city of Bristol and have been accused of everything that can be thrown at us!! We laugh at it because our lyrics are non-political and we just speak about day to day life and get on with it. People can believe what they want, we don't fucking care!!

What do you think would help the current scene and how can you see the scene going?

If everyone stood together and gave bands like us a “fair crack of the whip” then the scene would be a lot stronger. Too many internet warriors say a lot of bullshit without checking their facts and this has divided the scene, mainly because too many ignorant people actually believe what they say, it's comical really! The Oi scene in our opinion is totally fucked due to all the promoters etc listening to all the false claims aimed at certain bands.

How is the recording going of your new ep? When is it due out?  What are some of the new subject matters?  

Our new EP is finished and should be out early 2018 on Greyzone records. We have 4 originals and 2 covers...... The subject matters range from destroyed friendships that should have been for life.... lying bullshitters and standing up for what you believe in!!  

Why did you choose to do an ep rather than album? And are there plans for an album to follow?

We were planning on doing a full album but this year was a tough one, we ended up having 3 different guitarists which slowed us down a bit. We are back on track now so a new full length is planned for next year....... we just got to write it now haha!!!

What is the gig you have most enjoyed doing? And if you could put your ideal alldayer together who would be on the line-up?

Our best gig would have to be playing the “New York Oi fest” last year. To get to play out there was unreal! Brugge is always great as we have great friends there, we just like playing gigs! An ideal “all-dayer” of today's bands would be, Top Dog, B-Squadron, No Quarter, Queensbury Rules, Pressure 28, Bakers Dozen, Close Shave, Angry Agenda, The Tenderizers, Complaint and Sabotage.... A wishlist “all dayer” would be Another Man's Poison, Retaliator, Queensbury Rules, Skinfull, Razorblade, No Quarter and Index.

What is the biggest help in the scene and what is the biggest hinderance?

Any advice we could give to any bands starting out would be to stick to your guns, ignore the blatant lies and bullshit and hope for the best!!!.... The best advice I was given was from Dek Drongo from Drongos for Europe. He told me that you should always view playing in a band as an expensive hobby! That way you'll never be pissed off when you don't get any money!! That's so true ‘cos we very rarely break even!!!

What gig plans do you have for 1018? And anywhere you would like to play but you have not yet had chance?

We have a few gigs in the pipeline for 2018, the most notable being Germany in July...... We would love to play in Northern Europe, places like Holland, Sweden etc as there seems to be more unity within the Oi scene over there!

Any final comments?

Thanks a lot for giving us the time for the interview Rebecca!.... See you at a gig or bar in 2018!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

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