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08/09/2003 (interview with Ron)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Perkele in 1993 as a punkband with some swedish folkmusik influences, after a while the Oi! and Streetpunk became more and more an influence to us, not that strange because we always have had skinheads in our band. Until 1998 we had some changes in the line up
and this is the same line up as we have today, me(Ron)-Guitars and Vocals, Jonsson - Drums and Chris - Bass.


Från flykt till kamp 1998 (Bootboy Records), repress on vinyl 2003 on Blind beggar reacords

Voice of anger 2000 (Bronco Bullfrog Records)

No Shame 2002 (Blind Beggar Records)

Göteborg - Ep 2003 (Blind Beggar Records)

It's great to work with Blind Beggar and i hope we are working togeather for a while. It was less good with Bronco Bullfrog but im happy that we released tha Voice of anger album it ment alot to us.

Does the word Perkele have an English meaning, if so what? And did you deliberately choose a Swedish name?

This is actually a finnish name and it's a swearword that means like: Shit, Fuck, Hell and so on. I choosed it because of my roots in Finland
and it's a powerfull word and it fits the band perfectly. There are no word that can describe the band better, ha ha

I have read that you have a new release called 'Göteborg' coming out. What are the main themes in this ep and why an ep and not an album? Which track do you recommend?

Yeah! this is a great one! This Ep brings you three songs, " Sanningen": This song is about the liers in media (oh how original) ha ha, but it's written in a Swedish way so it's not really in the same way as others. Then we have the main theme "Göteborg": It's about my hometown and all the memories it brings and the last one are "Du fattar ingenting": it's a aggressive song about a rich guy who sees the workers as less good people and i say that money can't help him when i have decided to kick his teeth in, ha ha And i really recomend this track!

You started as a punk band, what made you change to the skin scene, and what were the main changes?

As i saied before, we have always had an connection to the skinheads
scene so it was natural for us. The main was that i cropped my hair, ha ha and offcourse the music and lyrics changed a bit too, this was somewhere between 1996 or 97 we made sone canges i think and they became more and this is what we are today.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what and why?

No, not right now, we have done covers before like: England belongs to
me(Sweden belongs to me) in our version, ha ha

What is the best gig Perkele have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

I think we did our best gig in Chemnitz (Germany) with Operace Artaban and Vogel Frei, we was headlining and there was alot's of people to see the gig.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area and the rest of Sweden?

I think it's great in our area, im really proud of the scene here, but
it could be more gigs, the most of the bands are banned because of fights and trouble but i hope it will cange to the better. I think it's ok in rest of Sweden, i really hope it will be better and i think so.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

We have a tour in October in Europe, Germany, Ireland and France are
the countrys that we are visiting. We are right now recording the fullengthalbum "Storys from the pased" i think this will be the name for it, it will be in the same direction as Voice of anger and No Shame, hard and full of feelings.

Any final comments?

Thank's for the interview and i hope our music will be spread in your country so we maybe can do a few gigs there in the future. Perkele are here to stay!

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