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Emscherkurve 77

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Hi, we are EK77 from Oberhausen in the Ruhrpott-Area in Germany. The band started at the end of 2000 and released some records on the fucking best european Oi! & Streetpunk label Knock-Out-Records, since then. Our song “die macht vom niederrhein” (power from the niederrhein) became the official anthem from our 2nd divison soccer team ROT-WEISS-OBERHAUSEN and will be played at every homegame at our football ground. Also our name EMSCHERKURVE come from the part of the terraces where we support our team. We added the 77 for the year punk started.

Our current line up is: Böhle – vocals, Spiller – vocals, Mirko – guitar, Blubbi – guitar, Tim – bass, Stoffel – drums.


- „die macht vom niederrhein“ MCD / 12“
- „lern ma deutsch“ CD / LP
- „one size slits all” split with the HUDSON FALCONS CD / picture LP
- „split with 8 MM from brazil 5“ Vinyl
- a bunch of compilations like “a tribute to the business” CD/LP , etc...

Do you think German oi has a different sound (other than the obvious difference in language to British oi) and what influences the lyrics?

No, I think it is like Lemmy said: “there are two kinds of music, good music and bad music”. That´s the way it is! And the lyrics always come out of the heart or out of the brain. I think that is, what rock n roll is all about.

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Yeah, some of us run the German ska punk band SONDASCHULE, others are in the PORTERS which is an Irish Folk related punk band here and sound like Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly. Both have records out on Knock Out records as well. But EMSCHERKURVE 77 is a Streetpunk-band and still kick ass on every fucking show over here and in the rest of Europe!!!!!!!

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what and why?

We released a whole coveralbum “lern ma deutsch” (learning german) and that´s what our label said about it: “… someday they got the idea to record a tribute-album which is different from all others before. A tribute-album to their heroes and to bands which made them what they are,
Skins & Punks! So what they did, is they covered 13 songs by their famous bands, like Agnostic Front, Business, Dropkick Murphys, Cockney Rejects, etc., with the support of the original bandmembers. You may ask yourself "…how did those cunts manage to get so many original musicans like Al Barr, Vinnie Stigma, Roger Miret, Stinky Turner, Micky Fitz, Bucket, Jimmy G., Jeff Clayton etc., in their recordingstudio..?" Well they did it and hopefully it will be a livelong secret. Another special thing on that album is that all lyrics are sung in german, but they are not just translated - no they are sometimes totally different from the original but still full of hate, live experience and all what's about "Streetpunk". So if you buy these album you can hear some of your idols singing in german language with the great "Ruhrpottaccent". Well with no doubt, we can say that there's no other tribute album released, worldwide, like this !!! Watch out for part 2.”

And here is the tracklist:
1. Secret Agent Spiller (MURPHYS LAW - secret agent skin)
2. Meine Welt (THE CRACK - my world)
3. Hau ma ab (U.S. BOMBS - go back home)
4. Sauer (AGNOSTIC FRONT - power)
5. Heute bleib ich liegen (COCKNEY REJECTS - the power & the glory)
6. Sündenbock (IRON CROSS - crucified for your sins)
7. Haun auf die kacke (ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE - let´s break the law)
8. Ruhrpottbeat (THE TOASTERS - east side beat)
9. Randalemacher-Karaoke (DROPKICK MURPHYS - fightstarter karaoke)
10. Wochenendhelden (THE BUSINESS - saturdays heroes)
11. Gefühle sterben (KILL YOUR IDOLS - funeral of a feeling)
12. Ich hass die Bullen (ANTISEEN - stormtrooper)
13. Mir geht es bestens (MAJOR ACCIDENT - crazy)

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

BRUCE SPRIGSTEEN, JOHNNY CASH, ELVIS!! We´re no rockabilly freaks, but all the punk, hardcore and Oi bands we wanted to see and to play with, we saw them in the past! Or sometimes we played together with them. This were such awesome bands like the Dropkick Murphys, Blood For Blood, Major Accident, Reducers SF, and many more. We played together with them all over Europe and it was huge. We really want to play with Johnny Cash, because Spiller is his biggest Fan.

What bands would you recommend checking out?

Hm, german bands?? Check out the PORTERS or SONDASCHULE. Or our friends from STOMPER 98, 4 PROMILLE, LOIKAEMIE or BROILERS.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

We have a real cool scene over here, many kids are into punk and Oi! nowadays and a lot of old bastards like us never give up their lifestyle, so the mix is allright. Shows over here are always well visited and Punk Rock booms. It´s nice to follow this movement every fucking day in our life.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

We just released a split picture Lp with the HUDSON FALCONS from New Jersey/USA. Some shows are planned as well + are also playing on the “punk + disorderly” festival in Berlin again.

Any final comments?

Thanx for the interview, watch out for EK77 and never forget: "who shot the last goal in wembley?” ;-)
cheers n oi!
Infos: www.emscherkurve77.de

Emscherkurve 77
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