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21/09/2005 (interview with Allen Adams)

1977-79, 1980-83 & 2005-?

So why resurrect Destructors after all this time? And who is in Destructors these days?

I'd read Ian Glasper's book "Burning Britain" and was surprised that I hadn't been asked for my views on a band I'd founded in 1977 (the author and I have chatted about this and all I can say what a great bloke he is for all the subsequent help I've received from him).

I was surprised about the level of interest in the band on punkoiuk, Steve Rolls (The Now/Sudden Sway and onetime drummer for The Destructors) came to me for photos of The Now (I managed them for a while!) The level of interest in their old band got me enthusiastic again. Also my friend Si Stabler was instrumental in rekindling my interest, he gave me a bootleg of The Destructors which we re-bootlegged and have been giving away for free. I was surprised by the level of interest and was constantly asked when we'd play again.

So I thought Destructors V should have had an album back in 1984 but split prematurely. This album will be recorded in January 2006 and I'm organising a one-off gig. The line up will be Allen Adams (Destructors/Destructors V/Five Go Mad In Europe/Angels of Malice/By-Ron/GDMF's) on vocals, Dave Colton (The Name/Goblinz) lead guitar, Steve Crosby (Jilted Brides/Moosejaw) on Bass, Steve Rolls (The Now/Sudden Sway) Rhythm guitar and Lee (925s) on drums. We're recording a split EP with Peterborough Punks The Ruined in November. It'll be released on Rowdy Farrago Records (a free CD to the person who can name the book the name came from!) Other gigs will depend on availability.

Then there'll be a Destructors 666 album (nucleus Steve Rolls/Me/Steve/Lee) with John Litchfield (little Nikita) on guitar. There may be another split record with a Peterborough band (there's a few I'd like to do this with!)

Finally, I'll be getting the bass guitar out of it's case and a more traditional Destructors line-up should be playing again. Bridges are being mended and people are talking again. More about this once things have been sorted out.

Can you give a little history to introduce the band to people who may have missed you the first time round?

For a short time called 6CK 6CK 6CK; The Destructors with the motto "we kill musik" set out our sonic attack on the people of Peterborough 1977-79. Highlights were supporting the UK Subs and The Dole. The Destructors broke up and I was asked to play bass for The Blanks. We supported The Only Ones and The Damned releasing 1 single, the infamous (not to mention quite rare) Northern Ripper. After supporting The Discharge at Cottersmore Village Hall (17/05/80) we split up. Neil and I reformed The Destructors with Dave Ivermee and Andy McDonald. A young guitarist named Graham (Gizz) Butt joined us. The rest as they say is history!

Destructors seem to be one of the most asked about bands on the PunkOiUK Q&A page? Why do you think that is? And what relevance do you think you offer to today's scene?

A reason I gave for coming back was the number of questions on the site, if there's a level of interest don't you think it'd be great for people to see the band again? As to relevance, some new song titles "Fuck the EU", "identicard Identikit", "Religious whores" and "Clone Zone." I'm still having the same feelings as back in the 1980s, I dress the same, it's just taken a while for me to get angry again. We'll see if it's still relevant.

What are the main differences with the band and their attitude and ideals today compared with the beginning?

I suppose we come to the table with a large back catalogue, but I don't wish to trade on the past. It would be pointless not to do new stuff. Only time can tell, however a lot of the things we sang about in the 80s are still relevant today and in some ways they've got worse.

What is your favourite Destructors song and which song best sums up the band? Are there any new tracks planned?

My favourite Destructors song is Forces Of Law, but lyrically my favourites are AK-47 (Kalashnikov rifle, the vector of death, from the forces of the east to the worlds oppressed) and Trinity (Trinity oh trinity, you've started a new divinity, the power and the glory and the cleansing flame, you can never put the earth back together again.)

The split single will consist of The Stooges 1969, Bullshit 2005 and Resistance Is Futile (the first new Destructors song in 22 years.) The song that somes us upo the most is Police State.

What is the highlight and what is the lowest point in the bands history?

The GBH tour "attacked by rats" (with Abrasive Wheels and The Blitz) and Stevenage Bowes Lyon House with Flux of Pink Indians are the highpoints. The lowest point was the bands break up in Cambridge (24/09/83).

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know?

Allen won Telly Addicts in 1995
Neil Moved to Plymouth and liked looking at restaurant menus
Dave Ivermee was a graphic designer
Andy McDonald worked at a bucket factory in Uppingham
Graham hates parts of The Destructors' documentary

What is the punk/oi scene like in your area?

Peterborough is more Ska-Punk (Evil Macaroni, $up etc,) punk (The Ruined, HHH,) there's a lot of young bands who aspire to Green Day/Blink 182 etc (State Of Freedom.) there are a lot of bands around.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005.

The Destructors Resurrected/The Ruined split CD, The Destructors singles CD "Serial Killers and Anarchist Thrillers" and Exercise The demons Of Youth (+ original Destructors demo from 1977) should be out by January 2006. Followed by the gigs.

Any final comments?

Thank the people on your website for their interest, it's encouraged the band to come back.

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