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4 Past Midnight - 2nd Interview
26/05/04 (interview with Peter)

So what has happened with the band since I last interviewed you 4 years ago?

Well we had done nothing since the recording of our mental ward ep april 2000 , then we sort of split up between then and October 2002 , Then myself peter and guitarist fred , spoke about giving it one last try . So we set about getting a new bass player , and low and behold we actually found someone , Wullie …..who is mighty talented on the bass playing front , hes a lot younger than myself and fred at only 23 , but he had the passion about the music , which is what we where after.So now we seem to be doing better than ever before….its so funny after all these years , to be actually stating to get somewhere at last , makes a change from scrapeing the barrel.

Have you also seen the scene change in those days?

The scene has changed so much , with all the pop punk rage , and the millions of young bands that are sprouting up all over the world.Its just a shame that the ethic of punk seems to be over shadowed with money making bands who claim to be punk but are in fact ..leeches , using the punk sound as a way of creating stardomAnd then have the cheek to say we aint a punk band we are a rock band…….mmmmmmm I wonder……Back in the 80s …punk was a threat to the powers at be , but not anymore , its became commercial money making bollocks , and I suppose that’s just life and things change…..But as far as 4pm are concearned , we will continue to fly the DIY flag high and keep the prices of cds ect low. And keep singing about what matters to us.

You are a hard working band – explain some of the frustrations and obstacles you come up against?

Struggles is an understatement , Sometimes I wonder why we ever carried on , We kept loseing bass players and couldn’t get gigs and when we did get gigs , we had no fuckin transport to get to them.

And when your sort of classed as outsiders to your local scene and other bands wouldnt help us…That was like a kick to the balls , It was ok when you helped them bands out , but when you looked for the favour to be returned , it never happened.There were several times I could have cryed over the shit we had to crawl threw , it wanst fair and people can be so cruel and spread lies about us that wernt true , this all came down to one word.. JEALOUSY !!

You have your new album ‘Trials & Tribulations’ coming out in May, then again on Beat the System in October – how is recording going and what can people expect from the new album

Well the recording has been a bit of a disaster to be honest , And due to illness Barry lights has stopped beat the system recs , so our deal means nothing anymore,We are back in the studio in july to rerecord the album again , so we hope it will be out for august at least….weird recs uk – area pirate recs/ shotgun recs (italy) muck records (canada) dirty faces recs (germany)

The new material is our strongest material ever…..Strong in every sense of the word ……Good strong lyrics , good strong tunes and singalong anthems a plenty , I think people will be in for a big surprise when they hear it…….A track from the new album ruffly mixed is up on our Mp3s page right now called IT’S NOT RIGHT ..check it out!! www.geocities.com/fourpm_2003

What is your favourite track you have ever recorded, why and what is it about?

MMMMM that’s a tuff one , Id say NO EXCUSE…..Because it’s a strong lyric orientated song about a subject I feel really strongly about …child abuse….. or Mental ward , cause its really strong as well.

Over the years what is the funniest thing that has happened whilst touring. And what bands have been best to play with?

Well we only done our first tour last year – PUNKOLOGY TOUR OCT 2003 , it was a great experience and we all had a great time ,

As for funnyness…..well I think it was stoke we where playing and we had arrived during the night , seemingly I was snoring as loud as hell and Sandy our other guitarist of the time (not with us now though) got so pissed off about it that he began to punch me in the back as I was sleeping in an attempt to shut me up…..fred + wullie found it funny…I bloody didn’t…ha ha.

As far as bands weve played with ….. We weve been doing a fair few gigs with VICE SQUAD , who are a great bunch…..and we recently played with The anti nowhere league …who were cool……

What other bands would you recommend checking out?

Right here are some bands I think are cool punk rock to check out….The alpacinos , the threats , them or us , vice squad , anwl , 111 on speed , one man stand , spiitin dummies , to name a few.

Why the name 4 Past Midnight?

Well the name was something we thought about for ages , We didn’t want a name that sounded directly punk orientated , It was in fact a bloke called Archie Ray who used to sing for 4pm in 1989 , who was a big steven king fan , and had all his books and he came across the book four past midnight , we thought it sounded unusual , yet good shortend down to 4pm…..so it just stuck from then on…….

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

Well as for plans – the release of our new album Trials and Tribulations , hopefully in august 2004 , on www.weirdrecords.co.uk, www.muckrecords.com (Canada) dirty faces recs (germany) should hopefully be doing the vinle version of the album , and we also have AREA PIRATA & SHOTGUN RECORDS (italy) doing the album as a split release. …Another full uk tour is planned for October ..october 1st – 17th

And we hope to go to Italy for some gigs as well this year .

And we wanna try and get to the USA for some shows , ive spoke to jim of the threats to see about going over with them , but its only hearsay at this time. But we can hope.

Any final comments?

Our current cd Anthology – PUNKOLOGY THE COLLECTION – 1989 – 2002 , 28 tracks of full on punk rock Scottish style - Is still available for the very cheap price of £1.50 inc p&p in the uk and $5.00 or 3 euros the rest of the world ….or send something for a trade. Our Demos & Rare dcd is also available for only £3.00 0r $6.00 or 5 euros ….2cds 48 tracks in total of early demo and now deleated 7” eps…….Tshirts are also available Punkology design £5.00 uk $8.00 or 7 euros

If you wanna see us play your town then get in touch with our management at – www.stutaylorpromotions.co.uk

Check our website for up to date news and shows and stuff. www.geocities.com/four_pm_2003

Thanks once again to Rebecca for the interview and her continued support for 4pm…..thanks dear.

Contact 4pm at Peter 4 past midnight – pj64912000@yahoo.co.uk

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