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4 Past Midnight

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

4 Past Midnight formed in November 1989 when at that time the line-up was Pete-drums, Archie - vocals, Gilly - guitar and Bongo- bass. That lasted until June 1990 when Archie left and I (Pete) took over on vocals, whilst still being the drummer as well. We recorded two demos as this line up, then Gilly left to join Oi Polloi and we drafted in Fred who is still our guitarist today. Gilly then rejoined in 94 to play bass, as our bass player at that time (Alistar) was suffering from a joints disease and it became uncomfortable to carry on. Gilly was with us playing bass until 96 and then we sort of took a break for a year and a half as I (Pete) was having personal problems. WE resumed rehearsals in 97 March time with a new name a new and a new bass player who couldn't play at a;;, but I got piussed off and threw the guy out as he was taking the piss out of me and was always skint and always moaing about not wanting to be called 4PM anymore, but changing it to Trickshot instead for some reason. But I was having none of it at all and I got in touch wit Fred who agreed to come back as guitarist and we drafted in a guy called Robin on bass who was dam good but was getting hassle from his wife as she didn't like him playing punk. So after we recorded our last CD he left as he felt he would hold us back.. The line up at this time is Pete drums and lead vocals…Fred feedback…Steven's on guitar…Gaz on bass. This we hope will be the best and most solid of line ups as we all get on so well as a band.


Start Of The Liberation - demo - 1990
Smash The Front - demo - 1991
Pain Greed and Death - demo - 1993
Midnight Escapades - Cass/LP - 1993
Get A Life Or Fuck Off - EP - 1994
The Fears We Hide - EP - 1995
The Ruff- Demo - 1997
The Best and Worst of 4PM - Compilation Cass - 1998
Jesus Chrisr It's 4PM Again - CD - 1999

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

I (Pete) played in Outswitch and the F1 11s and Requiem. Fred also played in Requiem. Gaz plays in 3 bands at the moment, 4PM, Police Chief who are a funk band and he also plays in an early U2 styled band, but they don't gig much.

Describe your sound.

Our sound is early 80's punk with a dash of pop punk track and hcpunk sound. We mix so much influences into our sound it's really hard to describe. Some songs are hard hitting , some laid back and some thrashier stuff, inyer face sound. All in all it's punk 100%

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

This is a hard one as my memory is going but I think it was the Archies "Sugar sugar..You know the one..Sugar..ah honey honey". Fred I think was Suzie Quatro, 'Devil Gate Drive' and Gaz Rolling Stones 'Satisfactions'.

Do you prefer watching, or playing gigs? Why?

We hate watching gigs as you're always wishing it was 4PM playing instead of who ever it is. Why, you ask - because we are jealous bastards. But it is ok to watch if it's your fave band, like the Ramones or No Use For A Name. We love playing gigs, but we don't often get any….why, we don't know, it's not for the lack of trying, that's for sure.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

The punk scene in Glasgow is not all that good as there's not much gigs going on and when there is a gig, it's the same, Newtown Grunts/Ex-Cathedra/The Destucters. The ethic of bands helping each other out does not seem to apply in Glasgow as we have helped a few bands in Scotland and no gigs get returned to us. We have to put on our own gigs if we want to play Glasgow. It's bloody pathetic and no cunt turns up to see you. Only the big bands get a good crowd.

Where were you in 1977?

Most probably in my room playing some punk record or the Greece soundtrack….yes I am sad. But 77 has got to be one of those years that you were proud to be a part of. As it was an exciting time not just with music but also toys. Remember the Evil Kenevil toys that were about at that time. Now they were toys you got enjoyment from, none of this playstation shit you get these days. Stretch Armstrong, the toy you could pull the arm apart and it shrank back to normal and the Steve Austen action figure with the bionic eye - there was a toy. And bands like the Pistols and Stranglers, Ramones, Clash changing the whole music scene with a good kick up the arse.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

We plan to record in February for a new 4 song ep for Weird Recs. This will be our second EP for Ian's label. Also hope to tour Germany this year and sort out a tour of the UK if we can get the support of the UK's promoters. And hopefully another full length CD album and what ever else happens, but be assured you will be hearing a lot more of $PM as we are going all out on promotion this year.

Any final comments?

Why don't you check out our CD 'Jesus Christ It's 4PM'. 27 trax of pure punk music, over 74 minutes of music for £5 from us, including p&p - what have you to loose, you know it makes sense. Just read the fanzines reviews, that says it all. Anyone who can release future material for us get in touch and gig promoters please give us gigs as we are desperate to play a lot more gigs. Petrol cash is all we need and a place to sleep if it's necessary. If you want to distro out CD, then you will have to contact Pete at Smokin Troll Records '48 Llwyn Beuno, Bontnewydd, Carenarvon, LL55 2UH, Wales'.

We are also looking for more zine coverage, reviews interviews etc. Contact 4PM

Pete, 23 Abercrombie Crescent, Bargeddie, Glasgow, G69 7SR, Scotland
Telephone 0141 771 8023.

Thanks to Rebecca for the intervirew. And we would like a big thanks to Andy Hall from Yorkshire and Stu from Manchester for all their help - we love you both very much.

4PM say good night 1999…… to 2000 and beyond.

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