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45 Crush
25/10/2004 (interview with Robbie Tart)

So why did you decide to get together and form a band? And how did you meet in the first place?

I first met Alan towards the end of 1999 when The Vibrators and the Subs did a Xmas show (though I can't remember the venue) our shared love of Jack and Coke made us the best of friends!!

Over the next few years as the two bands spent more and more time touring together we would talk about doing some tracks together....eventually in 2003 we actually got round to doing a 2 track demo with Jay on drums ....unfortunately for me and Al Jay is in about 20 bands and we felt we needed someone who was solely ours.

What can people expect from 45 Crush?

A darn good time….dognabbit

Where does the name 45 Crush come from and what other existing band names do you rate?

I was trying to tidy up my front room and had this pile of singles on the floor…I fell on them!

Do you prefer watching, or playing gigs? Why?

I enjoy both…. I love watching other bands coz I find peoples enthusiasm infectious and I love playing and watching the crowd go nuts…. You know there’s an energy from a rockin’ audience that is just unbelievable… I just love gigs.

What are the main themes in the lyrics? And where does the inspiration come from?

Relationships mainly but with a sense of humor…. Inspiration comes from personal and other peoples experiences and movies.


Will you be doing any covers in your live set? If so, what and why?

That’s a tough one… we have been toying with the idea of doing a Twisted Sister Track… don’t ask me why but both me & Al are fans of the band… who I still rate as one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Ooooh another toughen!! Er I’m gonna go with Kylie coz I respect her as a musician and actress!!!

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Well, I live just north of London so I have to go into town to see bands etc…. On the whole pretty healthy and dare I say it … seems to be getting bigger.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004 / 2005.

Ep should be out Feb/March time…. I know I’ve said it before but things are now moving along just lovely. Gigs…well we hope around the same sort of time…we originally intended to be rockin’ this Xmas but what with the gods conspiring against us it just didn’t happen… we are on the lookout for a drummer so if anyone fancies it, get in touch.

Any final comments?

Only to say how much I’ve missed certain people over the last 12 months and that I’m looking forward to next year ….Get Ready People…ya gonna love it!!

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