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27/08/2002(interview with Shaun, Keith, Boggy & Tim)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Shaun : Band started in late 1994 by Keith slackarse drummer, Shaun shit guitarer and Tone deaf braithwaite on bass. Various singers came and went over a period of a few years, and then to cap it all Tone deaf went as well, oh fuck. Thankfully we recruited Nobby on vox and Boggy on bass shortly after so all was great again. The band once got filmed for a BBC documentary on noise pollution called "Decibel Hell".

After going on air some fuckers broke into the rehearsal rooms and smashed all the bands gear to pieces. Just recently nobby decided to leave to spend more time in the pub and we now have Tim eppy davies on vox, (who wrote some of the songs anyway).

Current line up is : Tim eppy davies on vox and serious drugs, Shaun shit on jack Daniel's & guitar, Boggy on mushrooms & bass, Keith slackares on anything he can get his hands on including a drum kit.


Murder is my hobby, cassette 1999

Arse, cassette 2001

My arse is murder, CD (both of the above on one CD) 2001

Lezbe Avenue CD, New studio eight track EP 2002.

Shaun : Oh and a unofficial 21 track demo CD that boggy sells at gigs for £2 coz heís a twat.

Why Did you choose the name 3 Cornered Rug, and what is the best and worst names you have heard for bands?

Keith : We were once discussing minges and stuff like you do and someone came up with three cornered rug. It was decided that this would be the name for the band, after all wizards beard Is a bit metally

Shaun : We all know that a three cornered rug is a bit of a mouth full at times so we shortened it to 3cr.

Boggy : When nobby joined on vox we had to break his spirit so we did a couple of gigs under the name of The UK Spuds. The trouble was, people thought we were a UK Subs tribute band, ( the biggest audience we have ever had).

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Tim : no.

Shaun : The shitlegs, but we had no instruments. Does that count ?

Boggy : Various bands ranging from cabaret to a lesbian hardcore oufit and then I was in a sex pistols tribute band for a while. I also act and sing in pantoís and musicals.

Shaun : You lying thespian twat, youíve made the sex pistols bit up.

Keith : no

What is the best gig 3CR have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

Keith : I think we all agree that when we supported Vice Squad at the Star and Garter in Manchester earlier this year was the best Gig coz we sold all our CDís and we got to meet Becky B close up.

Boggy : Oooh misus

Shaun : Steady on her boy friends watching

Keith : Quick pass me a towel

What is the first gig each member of the band ever went to?

Shaun : I cant remember, it could have been any one around 1979.

Tim : Bucks fizz, Tameside theatre, 1990.

Shaun : He cant remember either, or is it true ?

Boggy : Up yer tower punk fest, Blackpool around 1982

Keith : Blitz and Attack, Dukenfield Drifters club, 1981 ish.

Do politics and music go together?

Keith :Sure , Dead Kennedy's are a prime example.

Boggy : Yeah can do, but these days I just want to get pissed and dance to the music.

Shaun : Since politics is all bullshit we donít want good music being mixed in with that now do we!

Tim : Run that by me again.

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Keith : Well itís still kickin on the streets, but fuck that nu metal shit thatís not punk.

Boggy : Yeah, Weíre still here but no cunt spits at the singer any more.

Shaun : Punk is like a bad fart, it just wont go away

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

Tim : We wanna get a full album out by the end of the year and try to play some gigs abroad.As for gigs in general weíll play any shitole any where any time.

Boggy : Yeah, even the manor arms in Birkenhead

Keith : Fuck you, weíve done some good gigs there. The people are great.

Shaun : Can I go to the toilet now ?

Boggy : The dirty twatís gone for a wank.

Any final comments?

Keith : Cheers for the interview, letís drink n get pissed.

Shaun : Yeah, an itís your round, get em in chief.

Boggy : Oh yer back are you.

Shaun : Fuck you actor boy, Keep the punk and oi web site going, itís the best thing Iíve seen on that internet thing, and I'd buy one any day.

Tim : Yep, thanks for the interview and 3cr will soon be coming to a town like yours.

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