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One Man Army

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

One Man Army formed in '95 or '96… Played local shows in San Francisco and gained pretty good following. Supported Swingin' Utters, US Bombs, Dropkick Murphys, and Joe Strummer in the 90's… Signed by Billie Joe Armstrong and was the 1st release on Adeline… Did the complete '00 Warped Tour. I joined in '01 after playing in US Bombs for eternity. Have toured recently with Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, Swingin' Utters, TSOL, and the Business. Just completed 1st tour of Europe w/ US Bombs and Agent Orange.

Band consists of Jack Dalrymple on guitar and vocals, Heiko Schrepel on Bass and vocals, Chip Hanna on Drums and vocals, and from now on, Bill McFadden on Guitar and vocals…


Surfers can get the complete One Man Army Discography at www.1manarmysf.com

You have recently played the UK, how did you find it and how does the audience differ from the US?

England was great! we were treated very well by all of you bastards!!! We didn't quite know what to expect, our 1st time over and all, but you fuckers treated us so good… We cannot wait to come back, and want to send a big thanks to all the bloody British!!! You definitely seem to appreciate the work we do…

What is the best and worst gig you have done, who was it with and why?

There are so many to choose from it would be too hard to pick just one… In the best category, the '99 Holidays in the Sun w/ the 'Bombs was pretty fuckin' cool… We got an encore and we were the only band that got one I am told… My 1st gig with One Man Army, which was at the Covered Wagon in SF is a personal favorite because I did it with no rehearsal… there are many more that come to mind, but I won't bore y'all!!! In the worst category, there are many, many, many!!!! The one that always comes to my mind is Austin, TX, '97… I forget the name of the club, but Duane was hammered and the 'Bombs played every song we knew to an empty house… About 3 and a half hours of Shit… It was brutal…

If you were writing a review about One Man Army, how would you describe the band?

I would say that this band and this music is irresistible; A "No-Brainer" A total fuck you, I don't give a fuck attitude. Simple, but powerful and effective… Rating: 5 out of 5!

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Right now, "Weak" by the Beltones is running through my head… I don't know the other guys faves… You'll have to ask them!!

US 'punk' bands do commercially better in the UK than home-grown ones. Which are the biggest UK punk bands in the States, and why do think that is?

The only band from the UK that I am aware of right now is the mighty Business. It's only because I've played with them. Others that have been over for Holidays in the Sun I don't think have toured as much, other than the Damned… I would have to say that the Business are the biggest that I've seen over here… Although I could be way off-base… I really don't know jack-shit! I think this because I know that they have put in the work… There is no substitute for touring…

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

I would assume that it is still pretty strong… I've been gone for 12 weeks, and I stay out of clubs when I'm home!!! Pistol Grip are motherfuckers to look out for here in LA… I know that they put in the work… 6 bastards in a smelly van, cooking and eating canned chili on a coleman stove in their fuckin' trailer, then playing their hearts balls-out everynight… Lets just say that they have the respect of one that's been there……

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

We have just released a concert DVD on Kung Fu Records. It's called "One Man Army Live At The Troubadour" and it's a part of their "The Show Must Go Off!" series. I am told that it kicks ass… I haven't seen the finished product. We are technically still supporting "Rumors and Headlines", which was released on byo in October. We start a tour of the US west-coast and mid-west in 7 days with the Alkaline Trio, and I still have to get our transmission fixed in the fuckin' van! I'm still jet-lagged from our European and English dates!!! We catch up with the Van's Warped Tour on July 15th in Phoenix, AZ and finish it out till august 10th… Canada we will hit in September, and I'm sure something will come up in October… November we will be back to visit you in the UK and Europe with our 1st headline tour in your neck of the woods… December we will make our 1st trip to Japan… Somewhere along the way we will write and record a BYO split with someone, and get ready for a new full-length… Fuck!!! No rest for the Wicked!!

Any final comments?

Thank you for this opportunity to spread the word and to everyone, get your bloody bollocks out to the shows and support your favorite bands! Don't forget, treat everyone you meet with courtesy and respect and if you don't receive it in return, then put the boot in!!!

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