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Here Comes The New Punk

A  book  on the British Oi! and  streetpunk  scene and bands from the late 70's onwards .

This hefty and well written book covers pretty much all you need to know. It is great starting point for those new to the scene, and a fantastic reminder of bands who you used to love but have somehow slipped your mind.

Covering sometimes political bands (how can it be avoided) in a non political way, sticking to facts rather than one sided opions.

Click here to see a video
about the great prize. Or here to read about more about the book.

Prize - A copy of the book + some posters


Q. Name the Oi!/punk song which includes the phrase "Here Comes The New Punk" as a spoken intro.


A. Join The Rejects by Cockney Rejects

The winner is Andrew Mccartney

Email your answer by Monday 27th November.

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